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    Dying Light - Frequently Asked Questions

    Well the story is something like dead island/just one town infected... And how does the electricity work if there infected?Who diggs out the coal or works on the prodoucing. Also im a bit dissapointed by the 100 weapons thing... Borderlands 2 loot system kept the game replayability even today. If not have 18315'834832 weapons you need interresting characters and storylline
  2. DisArmer

    Hellraid - Frequently Asked Questions

    yeah but the game mechanics and bahaving is different.Combat is alot different.In skyrim you hit an enemy he makes a sound and caches his chest,while in hellraid (as i saw in the gameplays) the enemy leans in the way . It would be cool if you can leave marks like ripping clothes and stuff
  3. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Yeah but you protect your castle fortress sort of thing,you have your minions-creeps however, than towers... Sort of like Smite but whit no leveling...NAd no pvp instead of enemy team having real players they have game bosses
  4. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Yes i mean like dota or smite exept no levels...
  5. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I have a VERY VERY good idea Add fortress mode! A moba style arenas where 3-6 players fight weak beasts (creeps-minions ect...) And that the enemy fortress has 3-6 mini bosses and instead of anchient-nexus have a boss. That would be cool. Fortress mode would be awesome. But instead of buying ingame items to buy ingame addons like healing,summoning scrolls,boosters and stuff! That would be cool. <3 TECHLAND <3
  6. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Back again #wink# I would suggest better lightning and fire effects as well as more characters and beasts as you can. I suggest not repeating models like in dead island. I suggest borderlands like loot system. Add some beasts from the moba games you can find... I dont agree whit the agility and strenght system that others are suggesting. Also dont add repetative enemies like in dead island ( i mean walkers all the way) I know Techland is "far away" from dead island but im warning you not to make the same mistakes evrybody makes. Add combining spells whit weapons(for example you lift a sword in the air whit lightning and throw it on the enemy) Add more open areas than just dungeons Add more secret areas *Add as much as weapons and weapon customisating "ability" * Add some spider like enemyes Add some dota 2 heroes. Add complex weapon crafting This is a totaly new idea that never was in any game and i strongly reccomend it: That you can change your "weapon wielding" style. That you can get some kind of runes and blueprints to change you "hitting" style. That you can shape your weapon #That you can change the possition how you wield the weapon and that it drasticly affects your combat n the terms of attack speed,attack damage,stamina cost... Add different casting styles like that you can cast magic arrows,spheres and stuff. Add spells for "warrior" (or howewer the class is going to be called / you know what i mean) class like spirn whit the sword,jump-stab,sword "uppercut",ect..,. I hope you like it all. But everyone is begging for borderlands loot system THANKS TECHLAND <3 Greetings from Serbia.
  7. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Im thinking alot so more stuff! Add timed dungeons! (like you can pass trought you need to kill ____ and you have special amount of time!,if not get that in time you need to fin another path trought the ruined dungeon bat whit less loot n stuff) Add some DRAGONS! (maby,it will be a true suprise!) Add changing your sword firghting style! How do i mean that? I mean that you can unlock special scrols for special attacks or changing your main attack animation Add throwing disks (or whatewer circles [idk how to say it]) Add KICKING Add stabs whit the bottom of the weapons like in dead island but to hapen more often Add a weapon alamaniac (a book about all weapons that u see) Add taking weapons from the enemy(when dead) Add disarmin the oponent (a rare skill tree that gives you skills to disarm the enemy if hit in the right place at the right time) Add cool unlockable weapon holding styles I thought of a new beast Cuz i see youre missing some Devil´s fury A beast like spectre (from dota 2) That is swift Can dissapear (for max 1-3 secs) Can trap you in something like a circle Done Another beast Shadow Master A dark like beast like the Crow guy from prince of persia warrior withnin (i think PoP 2) Its a body of half man half crow (but the head is crow and has 3 eyes) It hits you whit its wings And throws some dark magic at you that causes a little fogy screen BEAST DONE Add traps ind dungeons
  8. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Yeah that would be pretty cool IzzyOtaku
  9. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    I have more ideas! Add More kinds of range weapons then crosbow and bow (that i think will be in the game) I sugest beasts like jumping from the tops of buildings and around you (like somekid of swift things) Dont add instant flames,in the way the instantly when the enemy ets in the fire it started burning (which is common in games) Whit fire and other enchants dont add like the flames around the enemy like ive seen in the trailer,it would be better like a melting animation from the place that u hit... Add cool effects when u hit an indiistructible thing like a wall or something (i know i lot of lame effects when u hit the wall or flor whit spell or something like in skyrim) Add some kind of clue that im hurting the enemy like wounds,ripped clothes ect I rly hate the skeleton exploding stuff (like in the trailer) Add Repeatitive boses like we hurt one boss and he flees and we need to kill him again but stronger later in the game Add sword backpacks (like a backpack whit like some slots to automaticly change a weapon,not to go in the menu) Add blood splattering on the sword and on the walls ADD THAT PLAYERS CAN TOGLE REALY BAD TEXTURES (for lower pc-s) Add a cool movement animation Add that when u pull a sword that you look at that direction (if its on the back you turn and catch it ect....) Add mission traveling,what i mean is when u get to higher lvl you can go back whit the same lvl and items to any mission in the game (but monsters to be on your lvl) Add that any class can use any weapon but the picked one has more skills whit it DONT ADD PERKS LIKE IN SKYRIM (thats the most anoying thing ever!) Add that you can get loot in arena and that u can use that in game Add checkpoints not saving ! (becouse someone almost kills the boss and saves the game and retrives from the half killed boss to try again (or something like that ) Add Spike knuckles If not open world add a special gamemode in that u have open world but whit locations to explore and as much as you explore and "clean up the areas" u get more free space Add weapon possitioning like the angle where from is that weapon going to strike ADD ARENA DESIGN! That u can create arenas whit monsters of lvl that you choose and area that chose (but that that arena dosent affect gameplay) ###ADD ALOT OF BORDERLANDS 2 STUFF LIKE LOADS OF LOOT AND WEAPONS Add a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Story whit lots of lvls DONT ADD A MAIN VILLIAN Why you ask? Cuz if the game is focused on killing one guy it will be pointless Add hardcore mode like in fallout new vegas I will play the game BUT IM SOOO SAD THAT ITS NOT OPEN WORLD! Add large more player arenas like 10 guys on 4823480 monsters and stuff Add in arena RANDOM MONSTER SPAWNING! Add comlicated character behavior Add dodgeing strikes but not like in dead island or Call of juarez: GunSlinger Dont add arenas like in call of juarez the gunslinger those where DUMB! # # # THE BEST IS FOR LAST: ADD A SPECIAL KIND OF SEMI OPEN WORLD LIKE TRAVELING IN THE PAST MISSIONS AND DOING STUFF THERE BUT NOT REPLAYING THEM JUST HAVING FUN!!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Thanks <3TECHLAND<3 AND HURRY UP WHIT IT MY EYES WILL POP OUT!
  10. DisArmer

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Pls make the weapon system like in borderlands 2. Add open world Add the arena changing i evry wawe... Add horse riding on open world Add summoning Add scrolls Add As much as types of weapons possible Add limited open world (chupacabra you comlete the storyline the more world you will have to explore or as bigger your lvl is the more world you will have) Add shelter where you can keep your loot Dont do the weapon jamming like in dead island (atleast not that much) Add friendly npc Dont add too op enemies like the thu in dead island (by too op i mean that you need special combat style to defeat it ×this dosent affect bosses× ) Be ware of sprint laggs (dead island,call of juarez...) Add JUMPSCARES Add auras Add LIFESTEAL ect like from mobas and stuff Add when point staff that it shows you the keys to activate spells (not like stopping the game and opening the menu in skyrm) DONT DO THE SKYRIM LIKE MENU-WHEN OPEN INVENTORY (ect..) THAT THE GAME PAUSES (like you in battle-stop the game drink 2380128318 health potions=Done) Add that the caracter can have special scrools to unlock attack speed,atack dmg whit special kind of weapons,increased special school of spells (ect...) Take somehins from the game Mortal Online Add that you can toggle special graphics Add that you can add special textures (like i make a texture throw it in a foler [like in minecraft] )