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  1. MastaFiendz

    Survivor Sense Completly Useless?

    use it to spot volatile
  2. just go kill zombies in the slums , lots of them have pipes and wrench for weapon . you can vault and drop attack the same zombie don't need to be a 2nd one
  3. why would you fight a demolisher with a wrench lol ? to get the achievement its all good
  4. you can find a wrench on some zombies pretty easily
  5. MastaFiendz

    Great Graphics But Dialog A Bit Overkill

    Talkin about how the kids can hear crane use 'chupacabra' is innapropriate but its ok for kids to smash ppl head and kill humans in the most sadistic way ? Right ...
  6. The other one is between the fisherman village and the ferry station under a small bridge
  7. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    Well if it not a statue in there , what is it i'll try not to use the guides to find my last statue , but thank you guys for trying to help
  8. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    Anyone figured this out yet ?
  9. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    Yes this is exactly what im talking about ! thanks for uploading these pictures . and it has to be a statue now that you posted picture maybe ppl can understand better and share with us any infos . theres got to be a way in or something
  10. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    I guess none of you found that statue yet !! im stuck at 99/100
  11. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    thanks for the answer but this is not the place im talking about , pretty close tho . ( I wish I knew how to upload screenshots here to show you ) its really on the roof where you find the notes 30,31 and you can clearly see something orange inside when you use survivor sense on the roof . the roof trap is the only way in but its closed for some reason . you can see that this house has the same layout style like the other safehouses we have around old town when you enter from the roof
  12. MastaFiendz

    Sunken Ferry

    Its just north of the fisherman village where you got the second pick up
  13. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    I really need help on this one , im out of ideas . I don't know if its a glitch or something but there is no way in that house at all . I cant seem to upload picture to help you guys see what im talking about . can any 1 tell me how to upload pictures plz if it helps its on the house/building where you find the Notes 30 , 31, 32
  14. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    Does anyone knows what im talkin about ? This is my last statue and I cant figure out how to get inside , need some help if anyone found a way in
  15. MastaFiendz

    Old Town House !

    Theres a house in Old town that I cant figure out how to enter . if i remember correctly , its where you get the quest Legless spider from the injured runner sitting on the roof . Also there is always 2 demolishers right next to it down in the middle square fighting survivors most of the time . When I press Q I can clearly see something orange in there wich is probably a statue . this statue is the last one I need so I really want it anyone knows how to enter the house/roof ? . ill try uploading a picture if it helps , but im sure im not the only one trying to figure that out im 100% story and completion , no quests left at all thanks