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  1. Snocaps231

    Be The Zombie Mode - A Bit Disappointing

    Ive played a few matches and got to level 4 Hunter and main issue I have is the length of UV light use. Ive never played as the humans yet but it just seems like there is no battery life. Dont get me wrong, normally when i get caught, its cause i over extended myself but the having one guy spamming his uv gets pretty rough. With that said, the hunter, with more skills even at level 4 seems pretty formidable. Spitting suicides to cause confusion and swooping in for a pounce is usually pretty good with enhances speed and extended tendril grab. 3/4 wins with 2 human disconnects, so far atleast. I would have rather been able to invade games instead of pushing players to the side game. Just kind of feels like a bother to them at times.