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  1. i was so excited for this DLC but good thing I waited to see the impressions, this is so not what I was expecting, they are actually pushing you to do it coop which sucks, what happen to that time were you would just play a game that did not need you to be in coop? Anyways, where is the new area that was promised? i'll pass this DLC and wait for the new area one, if I just want to kill zombies and jump on stuff I can do that in the main game without paying extra
  2. dargor5

    Buggies And Bows

    That's why I do buy dlc but never season pass. Cause later on can come some dlc that has better content and surprise, is to late in the year to include it in the season pass Gaming is bussiness it stoped been an art a decade ago
  3. I play without HUD most of the time. Those are aids for the more casual gamer and break immersion. If you want to really roleplay that you are in a zombie apocalypse you don't need all those aids
  4. dargor5

    Problem With Graphics

    What are your specs?
  5. dargor5

    New Hard Mode - What's Changed?

    So hard mode doesnt bring anything new? Other than taking out stuff and raising the zombie hp?
  6. Then don't be buying stuff all the time, no one is forcing you, have some will
  7. This game is definitely a keeper, go ahead, get rid of yours, there are more important things to focus on like real content than some silly trophies
  8. What the title says. I'm sure the way techland has listen to us that The Bozak Horde will include a whole new map not just access to the stadium, if that is correct it should be freaking awesome, looks like theres a whole new area behind that door
  9. Im playing with two mods. One makes the specials (aka virals, volatiles, rammers etc) disapear from the map and the other makes the biters AI more agressive, not like 28days but like the walking dead, were they really launch at you and wont stop chasing you. I think a higher number of zombies will make your think a bit more how to move around and hopefully with the tools this can be done
  10. dargor5

    Wierdiest Place For Airdrop Ever

    O yes the under water cavern. Almost chupacabra my pants when I turn on the light and I see 2 volatiles screaming at me
  11. dargor5

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    They should they have been doing an amazing job so far and to me the game was working perfectly out of the box (thats a lot to say these days). The fact that we are getting more content for free is wonderful.The only other company that I know did this was Ubisoft but only because Assassins Creed Unity was FUBAR in so many levels
  12. dargor5

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    Techland is going on the Devs of the year edition
  13. Is your monitor more than 60hz refresh rate? Cause mine is, Ive tried adaptative vsync and I do get lower fps and screen tearing so I dont understand the real purpose of that option I just use full vsync from the panel and max out on both those games
  14. I want bitters to swarm in bigger groups. Not just 3 or 5, if you are in one of those zones like the bridge or ground area of old town all zombies should come at you not just a few. Even Carl can take out 3 walkers without his gun and parkour so come on devs
  15. dargor5

    Inside The Zombies

    I thought it was about be the zombie mode LOL