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  1. you get 2 outfits for besting the game on nightmare. one is a glowing skeleton paint job. and via the beating it on hard the zombie skin. as well as there being roughly 10 outfits in the following DLC
  2. megafreakintron

    Cant Access The Following Content......

    go to games and apps, highlight Dying light, hit the 3 line button, select manage game. and look and see if you have it downloaded. or if its waiting to be downloaded. alot of times it didn't download the actual DLC itself. if it says its ready to install please do so. then to play it launch the game. and select the play option not continue. then select the following dlc. enjoy
  3. megafreakintron

    "going Postal" Duplicate Van Bug

    this happened to me to solve it. squat and go to the back right tire. you will be able to select the package from there.
  4. megafreakintron

    Bug In The Following- Bilal's Gas Station

    i joined a friends game in it his quest was to go meet him. but instead he simply logged out and the next day he logged into the game and was inside the gas station. no NPCs were in the room. all the doors and windows were sealed and he could not get out. i logged in and sure enough we were locked inside. i had him change his quest tracker.. . he then saved and quit. and then relogged in and was in the correct place. if that doesnt work. a person withthe blueprint for the button gets you out of all kinds of stuck places.
  5. megafreakintron

    Bozak Horde Goons Too Hard

    there are a few propane tanks around the are on the right one. while my partner is running the obstical course. i gather up 3 of them and pile them beside the wall where he breaks into the area. i hit the valve and run a way. and BOOM dead goon. i have seen it glitch and double spawn on on the right after i got my bow. i shot through the smoke and head shotted him stated to climb up and a second one walked out of the hole and stood on the 1st dead body.
  6. megafreakintron

    Can't Change Main Campaign Difficulty

    i had the same issue with every time i would load the game it would take me to the bozak dlc start room every time i started up my game. and i realized. if i exited the area . and changed my quest to anything out side the dlc. and forced a auto save. a.k.a doing a side quest. the next time i would fire up the game i would be where i wanted to be. as for the following spawn glitch. i simply press "the button" and it teleports me some place else. but since i did the techland outfit ending i seem to spawn in. inside the trailer on the overpass now. as for the campaign difficulty switch mine will not let me change difficulties after i got so far in the game. so i simply started a new campaign. as i can run through the hole thing in like 3 hours.
  7. megafreakintron

    Bozak Bow Crafter Wanted.

    hello, i have tried to beat the bozak horde for over a week now and i simply cannot do it, i don't have any friends who own the game to play co-op with so its just me trying and failing over and over to no avail. So i simply ask if anyone who has beaten the trial and can craft one. if they will craft one for me. i am on XBONE and will be on most of the day my Gamertag is "MEGAFREAKINTRON" i will gladly help in any way i can with any mission or adventure you may be on. if you need it. thanks to anyone who can help. COMPLETED TY
  8. megafreakintron

    Who Designed The Button Layout, They Should Be Fired!

    I did try it, I hate it it's unnatural feeling, uncomfortable, and your testing is what is best for you not me. So giving me the option to play it my way would be the way to do it . Not force me to play it your way. The game is unplayable for me with unremarkable controls. And thanks to your coding I can never play it. Explaining how you intended it to work doesn't change how 99% of the world game designers figured out years ago people play games differently give them the freedom they need to play it their way. Just add a few controller presets that give us the A/X jump buttons.
  9. Whoever designed the button layout for consouls should be fired. who uses a bumper as a jump button? NOBODY does. who makes a game in 2015 and doesnt allow for Button remaping NOBODY.. . i've fallen no telling how many times becasue of pressing the wrong button to jump. please patch your game to allow button remaping.....