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  1. bombadill3

    Expected A Completely Different Bozak Horde

    I agree. The entire "DLC" was a complete waste of $20. I was expecting exactly what you described. so kind of "zombie waves" suvivor mode. I really thought that after the first two shoddy DLCs that were released that "bozak horde" would be the savior. WRONG. Its no wonder techland pulled their team off of "hellraid". The techland B team were clearly working on these subpar DLCs. They in no way reflected the quality of Dying Light. I litterally waited 3 months for this "horse armor" of a DLC.
  2. I suspect they are busy bug fixing. It is a completely game breaking bug that is across every platform. I would imagine that such a bug is going to be complex. Getting back multiple items/weapons/skill points across multiple platforms through some kind of patch seems....unlikely. I was 58% complete when I got hit. Over 10 hours In actually. The real issue I have is if I "were" going to restart the game, what's to say I won't play another 10 hours and the same damn thing happens again. I'll wait until they confirm I can start over without worry my character will be randomly erased or see if they can resolve this some other way. First day bugs are to be expected now days, but given that publications such as forbes and ign have had articles in the last week that are calling attention to dying lights lack or reviews for the public to see, this doesn't bode well. C'mon techland were pulling for ya to fix this game! It's fun as hell!
  3. bombadill3

    Who Designed The Button Layout, They Should Be Fired!

    I've been explaining this to people who have disliked the button layout, this way: they used the bumper as jump so that you can run/jump while at the same time looking back (triangle button). If jump was x and look behind is triangle, it makes for a very difficult button combination to do something rather simple. With bumper as jump, you can be sprinting (L3), jumping (R1) and and looking behind yourself (triangle button) all at the same time, rather easy. Triangle X is much more difficult of a combination and is rarely used in any game aside from mortal combat or something. People say "every other fps game uses x as jump why not this one?" Most fps games don't have or need a look behind function. Dying Light does It takes some time to adjust no doubt. I was clumsy as hell at first, but once you level up agility, and get used to bumper, its not so bad.
  4. bombadill3

    Reset To Level 1 And Lost All My Inventory?

    I don't think progression matters. I was at like 58% when I was reset. I was also frequently jumping in/out of games. I think it might be some kind of online issue.
  5. bombadill3

    Dying Light May Have Just Been Ruined For Me

    I am running 1.02. I don't think the patch did anything but make more bugs thus far. To be expected I guess. This is quite a big bug if every platform is experiencing the same issues.
  6. bombadill3

    Lost All Progression

    60% through the game on ps4. now I have no money no weapons and am level 1 in old
  7. bombadill3

    Jump Button On Consoles - Dying Light

    It does take some getting used to. I guess they did it so that it is possible to look behind you while running or jumping. since the Y or Triangle button is look behind, they couldn't use X or A button as jump because the the button combination is really difficult. As a ps4 player imagine making an X Triangle combo just to look behind you. It's like a mortal combat finisher move and all it does is look back. The combo r1 triangle is much easier if you think about it like this. I agree they should have an option to at least change it for people who really dislike it. maybe we'll get the option to change it patched in sooner or later.
  8. bombadill3

    Dying Light May Have Just Been Ruined For Me

    Just happened to me as well. This is a very serious bug. if this is effecting both ps4/PC players techland needs to address this problem right away. This is a game breaking bug. I am now 60% through the game without any weapons or money. This is skyrim all over again. Techland please fix this... I am not replaying through 12 hours of the same gameplay just to have this happen again. And being at the harder part of the game...I need a weapon better than a pipe.