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  1. jam201884

    Missing Car And Fence Traps

    same here im nearly finished with NG+ still no traps:/
  2. jam201884

    Can I Run Dying Light On My Pc?

    go here this might help http://www.systemrequirementslab.com
  3. jam201884

    Cant Even Download The Dlc

    what makes me mad is there still trying to sell us stuff when the game in an absolute broken mess, its outrageous that they think people will by anything while the game is in its current state
  4. seriously, im on new game+ with fully maxed skill except survivor, which i just hit 24 so now im just waiting for the survivor lvl 25 bug to hit me...
  5. after a few hours i noticed this, all that works in the slums is the light traps. please fix
  6. jam201884

    Ps4 Online Crash Renders Game Useless

    well did'nt you know that latest patch fixed the weapon duping thats all i can see, and did'nt even touch the co-op or multiplayer or bugs or crashes or anything that is game breaking just the duping.. i see u have your priorities right :/ Techland fix this broken A$$ game
  7. jam201884

    Zombie Invasion Failed

    its same on xbox, most of the time its people not wanting to be invaded and quitting out as you join giving you the error...
  8. jam201884

    Doors Don't Open?

  9. jam201884

    Ending Of First Assignment?

    u climb up the pole next to the one you have to turn on and jump across, its that simple, The two quest markers in the railyard is the box you turn on and the other marker is the pole you climb, climb right to the top turn around u will see a bar sticking out hold forward and press and hold jump as well
  10. jam201884

    I Need Help,i Can't Play Online!

    it not that there anything wrong with your connection its just people dont want to be invaded so as your connecting they DROP OUT and it gives you that message.......
  11. jam201884

    Extraction Crane Bug

    try joining a friend thats past that part should be able to overwrite it.. no the ideal solution but should work.
  12. jam201884

    Save Bug/inventory Lost Issue

    All I can say is great game... but we are not your beta testers, we are customers just remember that and get your butts on hear and start letting the people know whay going on with patches and fixes dont just be silent as that what aggravates us more that u dont respond to the most basci questions.
  13. @op u shouldn't have posted it publicly now everyone will do it till its fixed. @bakedgarbage, well if there underwater they cant win so theres no point of staying in the game just find another.
  14. jam201884

    Xbox One Game Share Problems

    I'm sure if read a problem about this on the xbox forums about plAying coop while gameshareing on the same ip.. I don't think this is techlands problem more of yours and xboxlive.. Also moderate NAT is not helping matters.