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  1. Anyone care to explain to me why being from outside North America means that it's impossible for you to have a hard copy for another month? Buying games digitally in the Uk, and I know Australia, and I'm sure probably every other country where the hard copy release has been pushed back is substantially more expensive. So as far as I can tell, and I do hope I'm wrong, pushing back a hard release 4 days before launch when people are getting excited for the game is a way to try and force people in to spending an extra £15, to get to play your game which is by far and away the biggest chupacabra move I've ever seen from a developer. Anyone care to venture any other reasons why a digital download of a game would be completely playable, but putting it onto a disk and shipping it would take another month to complete?
  2. If it takes some time (like a month), then why would you decide less than a month before to push back the hard release?