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  1. Evil_Barabbas

    Info On Ultimate Survival Bundle And Hard Mode

    I am sure the majority of it is done already but maybe they are seeing if they can squeeze more fixes in? Besides adding more content, they still have 3-4 days to address any other bugs that haven't been resolved yet. But the majority of the patch is probably going to be hard mode and the ultimate survivor package... I am sure there will be bug/glitch fixes too... So although you don't have the exact details you have a pretty good idea of what is to come.
  2. Hmm from what I recall most complaints were in regards to AMD and not intel so I'd be wary until the patch. It's really your call in the long run, even with the patch the performance might not meet your expectations. I guess it's going to come down to what you can tolerate or what is acceptable for you. There are a lot of players that are fine with 30-40 fps. I forgot where I was reading it but after a certain point the human eye cannot tell the difference in fps. I play on the PS4 and I haven't had any performance issues but then again the settings probably aren't maxed out...
  3. I think more aggressive zombies regardless of the time of day would be cool... Like what if the virals (the ones that parkour) are also triggered from sight and just not only sound. After all this is suppose to be 'hard' mode right? Maybe increase the amount of virals to regular zombie ratio as well... Yes I understand the concept of UV light which the sun emits and the UV flash light but for the sake of making hard mode hard it might make sense...
  4. Evil_Barabbas

    Dying Light Homosexual Guys Need Help ;)

    What a feebleminded attempt to rationalize/justify immaturity... Secondly, what does sexual orientation have anything to do with earning trophies??? I am not sure I understand... You want help with trophies but only from other homosexuals? The common goal of earning trophies is not enough?
  5. Evil_Barabbas

    Where Is The Screamer?

    I found one before in Old Town in a 'gun shop'... I threw a DIY grenade in the room it was in and that was the end of the screaming I didn't even attempt to get melee it or get close to it.
  6. Evil_Barabbas

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Just curious are you not a big fan of pounce or something? I see a lot of ground and pounds but if you notice there is a 'square' icon that appears several times but instead of using it you ran away?
  7. Evil_Barabbas

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Hunter is owning them? LOL... ?? Unskilled and lazy...LOL??? Maybe the first time.... After that if you can't figure out how to use teamwork with the UV you might be a candidate for being 'special'... Easy win? The time spent camping you could easily end the match, it really isn't HARD you know the opposite of EASY?... Which is more exciting then sitting still for X minutes AND NOT HARD..... Ok perhaps lazy and trolling might make sense... But I just reduced your list from 5 to 2.... But if the night hunter leaves or survivors leave NO ONE gains anything hence it being a waste of time...
  8. Evil_Barabbas

    (Spoilers) Regarding Jade

    Interesting but nonetheless this is purely fantasy.. I am not sure if this even worthy of dlc... It would have to be intricate a twist/different outcome for it to be worthy spending more money...
  9. Evil_Barabbas

    Master Scavenger Skin

    I am just curious, am I the only one who has had this problem resolved within the recent PS4 patch? Maybe it was random? Because they said they were going to address the issue but that was after the patch was released which apparently fixed it for me... So I am assuming it was unintentional/luck that I received the master scavenger skin?
  10. Evil_Barabbas

    You Want Challenge ? Don't Use Medipack !

    Well it is for the challenge aspect for those who want to play hardcore... I understand not everyone can appreciate this... This might be hard to find once you reach the higher levels...
  11. Evil_Barabbas

    (Spoilers) Regarding Jade

    But then you would have turned if there is only 1 injection right? Meaning your story(Kyle Crane) would of ended there... Maybe play as Jade?
  12. Evil_Barabbas

    Gun Stats

    The best military rifle I have gotten was from a mission early on.. I think it was pact with Rais... The guy on the rooftop of the gas station dropped it... With Damage/fire power of 210. I have yet to do the 'gunsmith' mission so maybe it gets higher.. But every military riffle since then has been under 200 and I am 80% through the game...
  13. Evil_Barabbas

    (Spoilers) Regarding Jade

    Listen to this man... He made an excellent point on the 'follow Jade' mission. You experience what is going on mentally when you are about to turn because the antizin in your body is running low. Some players disliked this part but Church made a great point... Anyways Church always seems to offer great insight...
  14. Evil_Barabbas

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Why would people safe house camp? It is extremely boring... A group of friends with mics can easily overcome a night hunter especially at higher levels with access to more skills/better weapons... There is no reason to safe house camp... With strategic teamwork a night hunter has no chance... We were actually hunting down the night hunter just for fun and made him rage quit... That is a lot more fun than camping a safe house....
  15. Evil_Barabbas

    What Do You Prefer? --- [Agility Or Strength]---

    Depends on the situation or how I am feeling... Sometimes in solo play I find myself overwhelmed depending on the type/amount of uncommon special infected in the area. Two demolishers in the same area can be tricky solo if your not on a roof shooting/throwing grenades.... Trying to melee two demolishers at the same time can be tricky... In group play I think it is a little easier be a 'fighter'... I don't like loosing survivor points. I love playing co op at night and purposely skipping daylight for extra algility/power points... I wouldn't dare 'stand my ground' at night solo... Maybe 'guerilla warfare tactics' but definitely I would not stand my ground... The question you asked is very circumstantial in my opinion...