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  1. Hey guys just want to re-examine this bit as it most likely accurate, when i quit the game it was night time, and I believe, contradictory to my earlier post, I had been killed and was in the loading screen when I signed out. all we can do is start over and manage our exits until the game is patched. Thank you to the person who posted this response and please guys keep this thread updated since the admins havent seemed to address this yet. I could be mistaken though.
  2. Xbox One So, after a good 8 hours of gameplay, I exited the game in a safe area. logging back on a few hours later, I found that my skills had been reset to 1 each, my inventory and money completely removed, and even items vital and unattainable such as the UV flashlight, gone. I had done NONE of the following Experience any connection issues, lag, or interference in xbox live service Tamper with the save file in any way Manipulate any in game options Now, I am at the same point I was before in the story, this progression remains after the start of the siblings quest. Seeing this problem across many boards and topics, I had hoped the admin team would at least acknowledge the issue and let us know that they would seek a solution, no such luck instead I have seen replies to posts with as much value to game development and maintenance as your average facebook post so, until this issue is resolved I advise you simply do not play the game, at the risk of losing everything, and potentially leading to a restart of the game (across all platforms this issue has occured) at least until this issue is addressed And on that note, back to Destiny, and waiting for Evolve to be released. games with proper teams of developers and administrators
  3. Dogma1995

    Lost All Progression

    Same problem on Xbox One, passed the brothers or twins mission, whatever its called, signed out, came back an hour later to find all character skill progression, all items, money, quest items, gone. im not going to bother playing until i know this is fixed this is a MASSIVE let down in this game so back to Destiny and waiting on evolve until the developers get thier chupacabra together