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  1. WOAGM

    Grappling Hook Ruins The Game

    Grappling hook is fun and helps move you fast. If you lack challenge play at night do don't hang in safe zones or PVP without cheats. Its completely pretentious to remove the grappling hook because you feel "obligated", take some ownership here because its all you and this isn't a high school. No one is twisting your arm to be the cool kid are they? They did a fine job, I use the parkour system and the grappling hook at increasing high integration and that does not affect you what so ever. Gameplus reduces your survivability and offense noticeably if you want a challenge.
  2. Female gamers are now 55% of the base. no one should need to tell you anything about needing this option and to have multiplayer with no thought of it was simply poorly thought out.
  3. WOAGM

    Be The Zombie?

    Yep I cant join and there is no solo mode ... Trying on XBOX One complete fail at launch... this ne piss poor standard of test and releasing buggy chupacabra is getting disgusting Im ready to stop buying period after Unity, dragonage and now this fail.