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  1. Zeirnaton

    Be The Zombie Mode - A Bit Disappointing

    so the invasion mode? is it really invading or is it just forcing human players to play in an alternate game mode? if so thats not invasion at all!
  2. Zeirnaton

    Updates With Australia?

    lol ppl getting refunds because a game gets delayed? yea it sucks delays happen but chupacabra happens, the game is also experiencing a some technical difficulties for some players so theres a chance u could get the game and it be unplayable, just be glad you'll have less bugs to worry about when you finally can play
  3. Story mode for me the game is having no problems but the Be the Zombie mode its pretty much unplayable atm, chupacabra happens delays happen just try to accept it and move on Perfect launches for online games these days are nearly impossible
  4. Zeirnaton

    Be The Zombie

    I'm having trouble playing the Be The Zombie mode as well I managed to get one game in and I got wrecked against a single human player other than that I'm getting a mass amount of unable to connect or join game or something like that I managed to get to the cutscene once but a player just aborted the game, also yea I thought we could invade games? this doesn't feel like an invasion at all instead I guess its like u jump into a players game which forces the other player or group of players into a 1v4 game mode idk maybe the devs can comment on the "invasion" aspect of the game cus atm I haven't had the chance to play one or there isn't one
  5. Zeirnaton

    Wrench Kiss Blueprint?

    if you pre-ordered the game you get this blueprint and 2 others