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  1. Ceaseless

    Techland: Will You Please Patch In...?

    Patch in for PC Option to turn off controllers in the game completely, even in the menus, so us players can use our own controller configuration comfortably.
  2. Ceaseless

    Disable Gamepad

    This is the same problem I have as well. There should be a patch to turn off controller support and also in the menus as well because the menus keep switching between methods. A lot of us would like to use our own configuration where we can map mouse and keyboard functions to our controllers. I'm not faulting the devs, but that should be a general option in the game on PC.
  3. At least on PC, this kind of thing should be easy to remedy with a command or a patch. I just want to see an option to disable the controller wherever the game automatically picks it up, like in the menus. If we can just have an option turn it off completely, we can use our own layouts. It's more than a jump button thing for some of us.
  4. Ceaseless

    Who Designed The Button Layout, They Should Be Fired!

    Ok, but is there any way I can disable controller support on the PC so I can use my own? Every time I try to use my PS4 controller, the games controls get in the way. I'm trying to use M+KB controls mapped to the PS4/DS4 controller.
  5. Ceaseless

    Who Designed The Button Layout, They Should Be Fired!

    I still would like to remap the controls. This is the issue that spawned my topic as well.
  6. Maybe there's a command similar to -nologos that goes in the target. If there's one like that for disabling controllers, let me know.
  7. Hello. I would like to map my own controls to the game. Is there a command or a config file available to disable controller support on the PC so that it doesn't override my own mappings? I play with a controller, but I like the quickness of the keyboard and mouse mapped to a controller rather than native controller support because it feels sluggish and the slow-to-fast speedup accelerated turning isn't for me. However, I'm glad you all added controller support.