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  1. Mixon87

    Australia Not Able To Play?

    Really hard rage... I took a rest day to play this day in released day, now I lost my day. just awesome. farewell
  2. Mixon87

    Australia Not Able To Play?

    I am starting to think - what the point in pre-purchasing stuff and it's still not out yet, past 3 hours for me.
  3. Mixon87

    Australia Not Able To Play?

    Any news guys? Mb some of devs twited something about that? Also I found PSN support is useless, just 1 solution to call them in the strict time zone and not even in my country, if so they should not sell their PS4 chupacabra consoles here if there is no normal support for a country where they are selling their chupacabra
  4. Mixon87

    Ps4 Install Stuck On 96%

    PS4 is such a joke... I will never pre-order games for it...
  5. There is no game available for me yet on PS4! I took deluxe and waited each minute on countdown and there is not game yet for me! I will never do pre-order again.