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  1. kjolnir

    Be The Zombie Mode - A Bit Disappointing

    It's not a real "invasion" in the Dark Souls sense of the word. You can't just pop into any player's game at night. You only invade online co-op sessions, and only at specific times.
  2. So I haven't played that much, but trying to get a game as the zombie has proved to be a mostly fruitless effort. In general, 90% of the quick join attempts fail. I also have to refresh the lobby screen a dozen or so times just to even find an eligible game to join. I think the problems surrounding this mode can be summarized as follows: 1) Invasion mode is off by default. I think this is heavily contributing to the overall dysfunction. Being off by default means the "supply to demand" ratio of eligible games to night hunter players is way out of kilter since most players wouldn't think to go turn it on. There are probably more hunter players than games to join. This also creates a sitution where players who have activated Invasions turn them off since they're tired of getting worn out all the time. 2) On the rare occasion that I was able to join a game, only one time did the players not all quit before the cutscene. I think this is mostly due to the misconception that the night hunter is a nigh-on-unstoppable beast akin to the Tank from L4D. People are scared of it, and leave. Blame this on the marketing folks, because I can surely understand why players would think that based upon the way the night hunter was marketed. 3) The incentive for playing with the hunter is not significant enough to convince players to consider the additional difficulty as worthwhile. 4) The punishment for quitting a hunter game isn't severe enough for players to consider it before quitting. Also, it doesn't kick in until after the cutscene. 100% of the games where players have quit have been before the cutscene, thereby avoiding the penalty, completely defeating the purpose of the penalty. I'd recommend making the following changes: 1) Turn invasion mode on by default, and make it clear to players what this means, and how to disable it. 2) Make players aware of truly how squishy and weak a level 1 hunter is. 3) Make players aware that they are not going to get roflstomped by a high-level hunter if they are a low-level human since the games aren't paired that way. 4) Increase the incentive for playing with a hunter to something a majority of players would consider worthwhile. 5) Make the quit penalty more severe, and it should kick in as soon as the hunter joins, not after the cutscene. After all, you can't be in Invasion mode without informed consent, so why shouldn't you face a stiff penalty for quitting? Just my two cents. I haven't played any of the campaing, just messed around with Be The Zombie this morning and was surprised at how hard it was to find a game.
  3. kjolnir

    How To Play "be The Zombie"?

    From the tutorial, you have to change your game preference to "public." From there, the multiplayer option will become available in the esc menu. You can quick join or browse available games from there.