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    Application For Andriod Or Apple

    There is an app, it doesn't work on a lot of android devices though. I have an sony z2 and the app crashes as soon as you try signing in.
  2. Goatsnatcher

    When Is Dying Light Released In Asia Psn Ps4?

    Don't get your hopes up for today, alot of people have been pushed back to the 30th on xbox and a lot on ps4 are getting messed around like crazy. To be on the safe side, expect it Friday at the earliest.
  3. I never picked the MCC up so I was lucky enough to miss that trainwreck lol. This with Dying Light though, it's like having a carrot dangled in front of your nose, then as you go to bite it someone runs up and kicks you in the balls.
  4. I'm so fucked off and angry about this. got to be the worst experience I've had of a game's release.
  5. Wow... To say I'm disappointed would be a total understatement. Seeing as most of my friendlist is from other countries, I now have to wait longer than most and have to see video's of the game on the xbox feed all week before I get to play it. what a f*** up!
  6. Goatsnatcher

    Xbox Uk Will Be 30Th Jan

    Yeah I'd appreciate an official word from someone at Techland please. Getting fed-up with getting messed around on the release date now.