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  1. SnoggDoop

    No Voice.

    I already posted a topic about the fact that I can't play the game with english voice and brazilian subtitles. I decided to play the game in english until I find a way to fix that, but... after the character wakes up, I see subtitles ", my head." but no voice, then the kids scream, that I can hear, but when the other guy starts talking, his mouth moves, but no voice comes out and no subtitles appear on the screen.
  2. SnoggDoop

    How Do I Change The Subtitles Language?

    Didn't work, it still launches with everything in pt-br, even the voices. :/
  3. Hello, I'm from Brazil and I want to play the game with english speech and portuguese subtitles/menu. When I started the game it was with speech, subtitles and menu in pt-br, and there was no option to change it in the game options, so I changed the game to english via Steam, but the subtitles and menu changed to english as well. Where can I change only the subtitles language?