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  1. fiaugusto

    No Video On Fullscreen

    The game wont display anything if its on fullscren. I`m playing on PC - i74770k, gtx 780. Already tried changing resolution, playing as admin etc... Seems to be a driver issue, when I uninstall the nvdia drivers game runs fullscreen REALLY slowly until it freezes on menu. Please I WANNA PLAY!! Thank You. Also tried using out of date drivers and still no video. Update: problem seems to be with the resolution. My monitor res is 1600x900 (yes I know, I should buy a better one) if I try to run the game fullscreen on 1600x900 it doesnt work, but if a try 1080p it works.... Dont know what is causing this but thats the only way I can play fullscreen. Maybe a borderless window mode would solve better my issue.