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  1. Ok well so far I've been impressed with the games performance and such, it looks like I've avoided any of the stuttering bugs and stuff but I have a pretty serious gamebreaking bug where it looks like animations are not playing properly. I mean, like so badly I get stuck in areas because doors are not opening. For example the first mission where you take the lift down to the ground floor, after loading the slums I spawned inside the lift and coudln't get out! After reloading the game and pressing continue, I was outside of the lift. After that I couldn't leave the front door. It was unlocked for me but didn't animate, so my character just ran into it for a few seconds and I was left trapped inside! Next thing I noticed is when I got to the doctor in the truck outside, I banged on the door and once again proceeded to run into it during a cutscene, and had a whole conversation wtih a doctor whilst running into a closed door. Pretty much this throughout to be honest, like opening the car bonnets to wire the traps was just my character miming the action but the bonnet remained closed. Whilst it's quite amusing I just got stuck again and pretty much gave up for now. I went back to the safe zone in the night, and the door wouldn't open. Again I missed a cutscene where apparently I saw a green zombie with blisters, but I was stuck outside and didn't actually see anything. Then it told me to sleep in the safe house, but I was still stuck outside. Anyone else have this issue or know a work around? I was streaming at the time so could provide a VOD if my description isn't clear enough. Here's an example: http://www.twitch.tv/wufflestv/b/616694968?t=16m43s Cheers