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  1. PlaywitJay

    Update Is Live On Psn!

    Just got the update notification on my PS4 My digital copy started DL'ing update 1.09 at about 9:30pm est it's 8 gigs whoo hoo, so I'll be on before midnite hopefully! thanks Techland for letting us game owners start dling before 12am, hope the season pass updates too!
  2. PlaywitJay

    Dlc Going Live

    PSN is updating right now, it's 8gigs it's 949pm est in Florida where I live, says the DL'ing will be about 3 hours so I think I'll be done at about midnite or a bit after so check the game for an update on your dashboard
  3. PlaywitJay

    Played Pvp For A Few Hours - Super Unbalanced

    you do realize that just because YOU didn't like it after only a few hours of playing your whole opinion is just that. An opinion. And not one held by most people in the community as we've been playing this game for over a year now and our numbers are getting larger and after today will show no signs of slowing for quite awhile. Your whole argument is stated as if the game JUST RELEASED, not that it's already been out for a over a year, and that is what makes everything you're trying to say sound just like a noob who doesn't want to play a game thats fair or balanced by skills and exp. because let me tell you I've played allot and I've seen brand new night hunters wipe out a team of 4 humans and fully leveled up Zombies get thrashed by two humans, it's allot of skill, a little luck and Almost always depends on the humans working as a team or leaving each other behind that makes or breaks matches with skilled players on both sides. All the 3500 DMG gold weapons in the world don't mean spit if your teammates split up. So l I think you're wrong about the players not playing Be the Zombie after a few hours, about the devs working on Hellraid, about the game being "an unbalanced mess" Maybe if you'd actually been playing the game when it was newer and the server population was huge and getting some skills and exp,(actual hands on exp. not just character skills and exp.) over the last year the games been out and not just picked it up at the slowest the games probably been since it released you'd of seen a very different game and set of players. Personally I shut off NH invasions until the following releases a few months ago as the night hunters I was getting all the time didn't know what they were doing. But I think it's gonna get really good again in T-minus 6 hours or so!
  4. PlaywitJay

    What Is This? Hide Wheels And Fuel.

    very easy video on where and how to get the Korek V2 blueprint, it looks like a glitch but it's not, just made to look that way!
  5. PlaywitJay

    Need 3 Players For Polyamory Trophy!

    I was just on my way here to post the same thing, lol, so I'll add you and now we just need 2 more!? walkbyfaith76 PSN
  6. PlaywitJay

    August 22-23 Challenge

    So I got it now any hit to the head automatically kills them you don't have to hit the head 1-5 times depending on the weapon and zombies level/strength? This is actually kinda lame, unless they made it to where ONLY destroying the brain would kill the Z's that would be cool as heck, but sadly no... And where's the Drinking water DLC, and whats up with a release date for the following, why is it a state secret, why can't we know how much longer we have to wait for the only DLC from the season pass actually worth money to Play? Riddle me those answers Batman! Yeah!
  7. this shows you how to get it and IT"S NOT AN EXPLOIT, this is (the ONLY)way you are supposed to find it, it's hidden and this is how they hid it, BTW you can also after you get the blueprint do all the Parkour Challenges without the time of day change so it doesn't mess you up because night falls while your on a good running rhythm.
  8. PlaywitJay

    Need 2 People To Do Bozak Horde

    lol wrong forum Bro!
  9. You didn't say what OS you have, if you're on PS4 look me up always giving them away in my game sessions walkbyfaith76
  10. PlaywitJay

    Bug: 24Hr Clock Broken

    Just had it happen to me, sleeping got it to go back to the right speed, but it only starts moving fast like that for me sometimes after I sleep, it never just tarts moving faster from the middle of a day or night cycle, so try sleeping and then checking your clock?!
  11. PlaywitJay

    Hey, I'm New To This.

    Hey back, well 'biter bait' welcome to the party! woo hoo,From what this Forum has to offer you, this is as good as it gets, and it'll never get this good again!
  12. PlaywitJay

    Plz Help

    add me I need to finish it too, PSN walkbyfaith76, and I have allot of gold weapons for trade
  13. PlaywitJay

    A Bit Unnecessary?

    I'm on PS4 and have a PS camera but I've never seen the option to turn it on, I think you're thinking of Alien : Isolation, there was an option for it on that game, but not in DL, although I think that would be awesome along with head tracking
  14. PlaywitJay

    Best Method For Farming Gold-Tier Weapons?

    if any one needs any gold tier weapons on PS4 you can message me walkbyfaith76 and if I'm already on join my game and let me know you saw my message here and I'll hook you up!
  15. PlaywitJay

    Where Have All The Hammers Gone?

    yeah it's more than just the hammers, once you hit 25 there are allot of items that were really cool weapons that are just magically "POOF" gone and it sucks! climbing picks, one-handed hammers, police batons, small knives, wrenches, crowbars, cleavers, ect. ect. all the cool blueprints that I'll never get to use because of the 'Great Tool Rapture" that happens when you hit 20-25 survivor rank!