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  1. Sunago

    Question About Co-Op

    Okay, now even I'm unsure. I know that they saved for me. I was in the exact same spot as I was when I was doing co-op when I left it, game was about 12% finished while I was at 2% the moment I started doing co-op and all the missions we did together had been finished when I switched to single player in the options. Am I a special case???? Or are you??? It would make more sense to just save progress on that save file instead of memorising where the player was right before joining a co-op game. Kinda how like Dead Island did it. People could just jump in and out and stuff done was carried over. Now I just don't know anymore.
  2. Sunago

    Question About Co-Op

    I just finished doing some co-op with a couple of buddies of mine. Basically what will happen is the one who hosts decides the missions. So if you are waaaay further than him and you host then he'll miss quite a bit. If he's hosting then you may redo some missions and will probably be overpowered. Not to mention that anything you do in co-op will stay in your single player version of that game. The quests you two do together will still be finished if you or he continues on solo and all the missions the host has done will be finished in the multiplayer. I'm not sure if the zombies get harder but I don't think they do. We didn't notice anything like that during our play but our storylines were pretty close together. Maybe someone else can answer that better. What I do know is that he'll miss quite a chunk of experience you have, which means points put in trees that give you more craftable items (stronger weapons for instance) or faster regen, or heck even more health. Which mean that it might seem that the zombies are harder for him than they are for you. I hope that answers your question
  3. try turning off the Nvidea stuff in options>Video, maybe that will help. Unless you mean an AMD processor or Motherboard.....then I got no clue. If you mean an AMD Graphics card however then that little trick might help you because it did for me and I have a Radeon 7900.
  4. So you are just going to continue raging? Fine. I am going to point you to your own post. "We have just been abruptly informed....." means they have nothing to do with it and it's out of their hands. So you are barking up the wrong tree here. Have fun with your problem, goodbye. I have no further interest in helping you.
  5. so, you have the digital version....not the physical one? the announcement wasn't even for you then. Only the physical versions got delayed as far as I know. Either that or it could be that your country is blocking the game due to legal issues (One game that I can't remember the name of right now got banned in one of Europe's countries for example because it was too gory right on release day......which wasn't the game companies fault at that time for example) So it could be that it has nothing to do with Techland but more your countries system of distribution laws or something like that. I'm not a lawyer or anything in the legal business so I can't tell you more about that. All I know is that the announcement for the delay till the 30th was for physical copies since distribution ran in to some mayor issues last second. Also, not sure what Microsoft or COD AW has anything to do with Dying Light. What might instead be helpful is telling us what exactly the issue is. All you have said so far is that you are mad and that you can't play the game. Nobody is going to be able to help you with that amount of information. Like I said, there are more people with issues than just you. Furthermore, some issues are just more difficult to fix than others because what they need to do is recreate the problem and then find what part of the code is causing said issue. Sometimes it's obvious, a line in the script causing issues with another line.....other times it's as annoying as accidentally putting a , instead of a . in the code. Try to find that in a piece of code that's nothing but text spanning about 5000 pages. They are doing their best and people raging at them does not help the matter. It just makes it go slower. Take this for example. It's been almost an hour now since your post and I still don't know what exactly the issue is that you are having. All I know is that for some reason you can't play. I don't know what exactly is going wrong, I don't know what operating system you use or what version, I don't know what you have already tried yourself that didn't have any effect, I don't know your specs. If you have a problem it is in your best interest to help them help you.
  6. actually, they answered quite a few on the tech forums. And they answered my ticket pretty damn fast so it must be just you. They even managed to fix my problem in just 3 hours which is pretty damn good for a tech support. And I'm in Europe, I'm dutch. They have tickets to reply to, a forum to moderate and calls to answer. They can't do everything at once. They aren't witches or wizards, they are people. Furhermore, they didn't say it 30 minutes before the game came out. It was told waaaay before that. I knew that a couple days ago. Not to mention, it's only for physical copies, not the digital ones. Just have some patience, there are more people with problems than just you and they are working as fast as they can. Btw, just a piece of advice but you'll attract more flies with honey than vinegar. With that I mean, if you are patient and understanding about it they are more likely to go the extra mile for you than if you act angry and frustrated. I know that can be a hard thing to do but it will get you a lot further in life no matter what kind of problem you have. Not to mention it's just human decency to not rage at someone for something they can't immediately fix...just saying.
  7. Dying light downloaded something, I guess an update and voila it was fixed. I have no clue what the solution was, kind of interested to know as well.
  8. I can't even believe it but the problem is fixed now. I can use my second monitor without any issue, not even alt-tabbing seems to cause issues. Seriously, send me an adress towards my email so I can send you guys a coffee-care packet. Promise is promise.
  9. Thanks for looking in to it. Please give the tech guys some coffee in the mean time. The good kind.
  10. I really hope someone can help me figure this one out because it's just boggling me and I've tried numerous things now. If I boot up the game with something, anything in my second monitor active (like skype) then it freaks out and just shows me a black screen. The audio still plays on and if I type something in skype or use my second monitor in anyway then the audio stops playing, shows what's on screen and seems to work fine but it's inactive and I can't do anything with it. As soon as I go back to my main monitor then the audio resumes playing but my screen turns black's like the idiot doesn't know when exactly the main screen is active. If I don't use anything on my second monitor then it boots up fine, no black screen of anything. However if I even dare to change even one setting (doesn't seem to matter whether I change subtitles to on, or something graphical) then the screen goes black and it doesn't go back to the game.'s stuck in this. I have to reboot my computer in order to fix it. I haven't even dared to try to pick the 'new game' option I'm using Windows 7 Professional service pack 1, 64 bits I have a Intel i7-4790, 3.60 ghz 16 GB of RAM And one of the AMD Radeon HD 7900 series graphics cards All in all, I should be able to run the game. Maybe not on anything but the minimum settings but I should at least be able to run the game. Things I have tried: running steam on administrator, running the game on administrator, doing both of those at the same time, running the game from the exe in the map and running the game as administrator from the map (which doesn't even make it to the black screen, just loads endlessly), changing the service pack being used, Validating the game cache, re-installing, rebooting (seems to be a one-time fix......unless I use the second monitor for something or change one of the options) I'm at the end of my rope here and the problem just boggles my mind. I have no idea how to solve it and while I'm computer savvy enough to try out these few things I am not computer savy enough to come up with anything else. Any help would be appreciated.