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  1. Hey guys, I also got an answer from the Devs on steam. Here's how you can help. So please, everyone who has an issue please chip in! Hello everyone, We're working on solving issues some of you are experiencing with Dying Light. You can help us fix them faster! Just create a Dxdiag file and send it together with your Logs files to How to do it: 1. Create a Dxdiag file. Read how here: 2. Copy all your Logs files. You can find them on your computer in: My Documents\dyinglight\out\logs\ 3. Attach all these files and SEND WITH YOUR STEAM PROFILE NAME AND TOPIC'S URL. 4. Send it to: This will help us immensely in fixing the issues you may have.
  2. So I started the game. Smooth running, 60 FPS....UNTIL I meet the quartermaster. Everything starts to drop and change. I am now running at 30 - 50 FPS. The game is quite choppy. It happens only after you meet the quartermaster. I thought it was an isolated incident till my two other friends have the same issue AT THE QUARTERMASTER. Please patch? Otherwise, interesting game so far...