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  1. Jim di Griz

    Dying Light Update Details

    I can't say I blame them, what with the half-coherent and often idiot splutterings they have to endure here. I understand that people have the right to point stuff out,even to complain if they feel the need, but it's the chupacabra-head way most of them do it that I object to. A point can be put across politely and still get the message across. I'd like to bet that a response would be more forthcoming too. Hi-ho.
  2. Jim di Griz

    Dying Light Update Details

    My update is 1.37Gb...
  3. Jim di Griz

    Community Bounty: Who's Taking Part?

    That was fun and a pretty good showing, though it did slow down quite a lot toward the end - I really thought we'd get to the 20 million mark! Any idea on the stats per country, a bit like Dead Nation does? Not important, but it would be fun to know if those are available.
  4. Jim di Griz

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    Well, the vid really only showed what we have had so far, plus a reaffirmation of the hinted at buggies.
  5. Jim di Griz

    A Bit Unnecessary?

    There is also the Kinect and PS Eye thing. Not sure if you are playing on either platform Red, but the game has the ability to attract zombies by the noises it picks up through those peripherals - so, if you sneeze or an ambulance goes by outside, the zombies will hear that if you have the option turned on.
  6. Jim di Griz

    Techland, Dying Light Is Dying

    Comparing DL to GTA V is funny. I think however that it's more a case of these forums being 'dead'. The people who enjoy the game quite likely got fed up of staying polite and trying to help a bunch of rude and apparently entitled players. I'm not saying that people here are a part of that crowd, as most comments I have read in this thread seem to be at least civil - just offering a possible explanation about why the forum has become bereft of any counter-argument. I can't say however about the online, as I rarely play MP or co-op unless I know the people (too many hours spent wasted on other games waiting for people to 'dupe' things rather than running missions together.) Anyway, I'm interested to see how the buggies work out and the other stuff hinted at in their recent vid.
  7. Jim di Griz

    Will Be Steering New Gamers Away

    People live all over the globe Mire1, which means different time zones...your 10:00 could be someone else's 03:00... Fair enough Everytimefoo - happens to us all.
  8. Jim di Griz

    A Simple Question To The "community Manager"

    So, why not open a Twitter account if there is more chance of being answered there?
  9. Jim di Griz

    Bozak Horde Out Now

    Don't testers usually need to sign NDAs before being let loose? I also think Techland would be happier announcing it themselves, rather than leaving it to some random tester to do it for them...
  10. Jim di Griz

    Very Disappointed

    Too many 'precious snowflakes' around these days who think it's okay for them to exaggerate, but no one else can...
  11. Jim di Griz

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    In Brink they had adapted coke can silencers - that kind of thing would be a good detail.
  12. Jim di Griz

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    Techland probably don't find guns to be important - they got grief for Dead Island from the maximum-kill kiddies who were used to using nothing but guns. The Ryder White DLC had more guns and DI:R had more again, but again, I don't think they consider them to be important enough.
  13. Jim di Griz

    Are Guns Important For You Anymore ?

    I'm waiting for a bow/crossbow as that is far more my style, and the sort of thing I'd use in reality. I really don't like using guns in a zombie game, purely for the sound aspect, also being European, I'm not used to having guns everywhere around me in daily life, so I like that there isn't such a focus on firearms.
  14. Jim di Griz

    Afk Hosts

    I'd be inclined to agree that it is a bug, but it isn't unheard of to have people leave their consoles running for weeks at a time...with games running. Online has some strange denizens.
  15. Jim di Griz

    Worthless Programmers

    If you get so upset so easily, you're the one likely to die first, of blood-pressure overdose...or stupidity...