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  1. JoshLuck95

    Xbox One Update

    WolfThorn, mine was still glitched after the update but this fixed it for me
  2. JoshLuck95

    Drop Code

    Same question from me, anyone?
  3. JoshLuck95

    Gre Website?

    LOGIN - agent_crane PASSWORD - saveharran
  4. JoshLuck95

    The Whole Story Trophy

    Here is how I did it .
  5. I hope it works for you too Apologies for the iPhone
  6. JoshLuck95

    I Just Unlocked The Whole Story

    i did have the glitch, im just making a video on how to unlock it
  7. JoshLuck95

    Xbox One Update

    Someone must know, anyone ?
  8. JoshLuck95

    Xbox One Update

    Just had 112mb update on Xbox one, what's it for
  9. JoshLuck95

    What Time

    Tech land - I'm sorry but this "DLC" is a complete rip off, it's just 2 chupacabra and extremely easy quarantine zones
  10. JoshLuck95

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    It is a disgrace, Its just 2 chupacabra quarantine zones
  11. JoshLuck95

    What Time

    Well I've downloaded and finished it already. It become available at 12am GMT here in the UK. I had done it all by 12.40GMT. Very underwhelming and not at all challenging
  12. JoshLuck95

    What Time

    what time does the new dlc become available ?
  13. JoshLuck95

    97% Side Quests

    Hi all, I'm playing on Xbox, I have been going after The Whole Story achievement where you have to finish all side quests, but its on 97% and there is nothing else left to do. Can someone please help me out here? I've seen on a lot of sites that it's a glitched achievement, any help is hugely appreciated