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  1. stephenw92

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    really? I been waiting a year for this game.... The full 12 months,that way I could put money aside for the ultimate edition. I had to cut back on my food budget, eating absolute chupacabra to be able to afford this console and DL. I have been able to buy 2 games in the last year, one of which was £10, one was about £20... You can't really judge how players that are passionate about a game use their money. I've virtually starved myself since new year in order to enjoy this.And you know what? I have never spent money on a single thing that has been such a complete waste of money. This console AND the game.... I don't know which ones worse tbh... This is where developers have come.... Releasing consoles before they're really ready, trying to rush them out to stop their customers going to their competition... Game devs are in a place where they can release substandard games that need fixing (you might remember older generation games never had these problems. If you had an issue you'd take it back for a refund?) They release dlc that's worthless... Because people like me are stupid enough to make this mistake.... You can't really blame someone for buying "*optional*" dlc.there a million different reasons at play but the point is the lc for this game is shocking and I don't see it improving with the second and third drop.... Just my opinion
  2. stephenw92

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    looool,Love that you've picked random numbers out of thin air as if anyone thinks you know chupacabra. I've had loads of issues with my game and the terrible service off techland and from what I can tell, many, many more people would b having trouble with this game. Its total garbage and I'm getting my money back. As for people like you and your "random-number-know-it-all", go talk to some kids who will listen to you and believe the garbage you talk... Also just because you "run your own business" doesn't mean much. I'm broke as chupacabra and £65 (yes, £65, not dollars, that works out at about $90) for a game I have been waiting for for the past year, that has this many issues. Just ridiculous. I paid for a game. Not a work in progress. I expect it to be working first day. Not to have to wait for companies like techland to fix it in the weeks following its failure of a release. Its this culture of buying a game without waiting for reviews, etc that has got us to this point. I for one will not be purchasing another game from techland. Out. £65 for someone like me with a weekly income of £165 without bills taken off, really does break the bang, or at least close to it.
  3. stephenw92

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    Lol, came on here to complain to but it seems it wasn't just me being tight.... Man I'm getting a refund... This is pathetic...