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    Some Game Modes?

    I swear I looked for a forum like that for like. A hour last night and decided to make my own. So glad there is one out there lol.
  2. Jordan_valentine

    Some Game Modes?

    Ok so. I have some pretty bad spelling errors. I swear auto correct makes the word worse sometimes. So I apologize for that. I hope y'all can still get what I meant to say lol.
  3. Jordan_valentine

    Some Game Modes?

    I asked this in another post cause it was kinda on the boarders but decided it probably will get answered faster like this and other people can post there ideas, wants, and needs. So. The type of game modes we the people would like to see in single, coop, or multiplayer. Now if you remember the run boy run trailer, hard to forget, at the beginning a supplly box gets dropped. Will there be a mode where theres 3v3 or even a 3v3v3 on whoever gets the box first wins? Another thing I would like would be a survival. Maybe you have anywhere from 1-4 or 1-6 and you pick a building you need it up during day and get weapons like everyone has a job one gets weapons one gets materials one builds maybe like classes a builder scavenger etc. and at night you defend your base. Maybe it gets trampled over so bad you have to cut your kisses grab what you can and run. I would love. No I need to have a survival like this. The game mode alone would probably make me fork over 40 dollars for that and the rest for everything else. Thanks for answering if you do ^.^
  4. Jordan_valentine

    Be The Zombie... Exclusive?

    It doesn't have to do with be a zombie mode but it has to do with another mode. Well 2 actually. I was wondering if there will be like a race mode like in the run boy run video. You see supplies get dropped off. Will there be a mode where it's like 3v3 or 3v3v3 where your team needs to get there first. And will there be a survival mode. Like in gears of war except you pick a building. Build it up and survive the night? Would love to see these two on the multiplayer.