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  1. I lost 40 hours of gameplay. Your not the only one. Suck it up, accept your losses, and get over it. Life lesson.
  2. It is for the game completion percentage. I'm talking about the achievement tracking app.
  3. ItsJust1n

    Weird Gun (Possible Spoiler)

    Drop it and forget about it. You just got trollololololed.
  4. This happened to me. Thankfully I knew which one was glitches for me so I joined my friends game and got it on their world.
  5. NO. That is a completely different quest.
  6. I'm on Xbox one. I did absolutely everything you can possibly do. Then I did it again in new game plus. Stayed and listened to all the talking survivors I came by and no quest. The guide says there is a quest called alge. This post is just to help get the devs to notice this issue. Thanks.
  7. You get it from the guy in the wheel chair at the school I believe. I need it for a note that apparently only spawns when this quest is active. I'll gladly give you weapons with over 2600 damage.
  8. Any missable side quests that would void the achievement the whole story. A simple yes or no will do absolute wonders for us achievement hunters!
  9. A lot of the achievements are bugged. Some side missions won't count towards the whole story achievement. I've done all 8 quarantine zones and it's says I've only done 6. Fix your game this is annoying as hell. And don't fix it to where we have to do all the side missions again.
  10. This happened to me as well after about 10 hours of gameplay. I was beyond pist.
  11. All my stats have reset and my inventory have vanished! Wtfh!
  12. ItsJust1n

    4Hours To Go...

  13. ItsJust1n


    Midnight exactly.
  14. ItsJust1n

    4Hours To Go...

    Game releases 12 am est people good lord.
  15. ItsJust1n

    How Much Gb Ill Be?

    I've got it preloaded on my Xbox and it says 21.3 gb but that's including the dlc.