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  1. well a hardcore mode will be sweet and hopefully there shall be dying light two someday as they have two dead island games so if there is a second one there could be difficulty modes but i do agree with your post man, sounds wicked
  2. WatchBloodRain

    Bravest Man In Harran?!

    if thats the right bridge there is a wicked blueprints and that npc is abit tapped in the head
  3. WatchBloodRain


    i got roughy 16 more days before i can play however i believe i'll love this game from what i've seen
  4. WatchBloodRain

    Companion App Is Here

    it's delayed where i am as i support physical copies and i also doubt it as $55000+ in two days sounds like overkill for ingame cash
  5. WatchBloodRain

    Where Are All My Ps4 Gamers At?

    WatchBloodRain, ready to game once it's out, add me
  6. WatchBloodRain

    Companion App Is Here

    does the money transfer to ingame? (sounds like a dumb question)