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  1. xsilentsuicide

    Co-Op Ps4 Crashing

    Ok thank you
  2. xsilentsuicide

    Co-Op Ps4 Crashing

    I join my friend, my game goes blue and crashes. Only on coop mode. I've deleted and reinstalled the game several times, I've rebuilt my database and even did my Internet. I'm On ps4 and have the physical disc
  3. xsilentsuicide

    Coop Crash...

  4. xsilentsuicide

    Dying Light Ps4 Crash On Multiplayer

    Me too
  5. xsilentsuicide

    Quick Question

    ahh thanks for the quick answers and help.
  6. xsilentsuicide

    Quick Question

    So if I preordered the PS4 physical copy, i will get all the dlc aswell? or is that just a Europe thing?