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  1. HUD option in the future patch 1.5 ?
  2. tryclo999

    Hud Options Need To Be Present For Users.

    I stop this good game because NO HUD option are present, its dumb. Stop to create game ONLY for beginner and nooby player (with respect for nooby) ADD this so little option for stop hud !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. tryclo999

    Hud Options Need To Be Present For Users.

    The worst HUD element is the display of button contoller................ Push [X] to reload ! >>>>>>>>>>>>> Seriously !???? All the game ??? At level 25 all the dead zombies at the ground have two BIG BUTTON when yoo look them, its totaly chupacabra, stupid, its DUMB. Its not a game for adult, its for kiddy. Remove this stupid HUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. tryclo999

    No Hud Option In The Future Patch ?

    Just happy to see this good topic/idea on the first page PC player are very lucky to have allready mods for HUD....
  5. tryclo999

    Mods For Consoles

    The best mods utilisation is a modification of the gameplay of a game, for me its the most important thing mods do. If Techland give to the console players a little system into the soft of Dying Light for modify and select parameter, its a revolution for console player. A game is a game, and break the rules or create new rules for a game is a amazing experience for all the gamer. Mods must don't be just for PC elitist gamer, its not cool... Techland, you can create new rules for console games ! The Implementation of a system of mods on console can be a revolutionnary in game design for video games on console, i'm serious. If you make this, you create new rules for the future of video game. Make the good decision. Make the future. Make mods on console. And yess, i'm fan of your work !
  6. tryclo999

    Thanks For The Hard Mode

    Thanks for this mode, its very cool for eus ! ;D And sorry for my last post. Thanks for this great game.
  7. You dont want disabled your chupacabra HUD because you use this like a form of auto-censure. Example: Why you place THE RELOAD message on the CENTER of the screen ???? In the trailler of the game, NO chupacabra HUD so im supposed its a feature of the game, but no. After more 100 hours of gameplay, im tired to see allways my stupid controller button on screen for each zombies kills. The map ? Ok, its a style, gamer is so stupid, they must have a map allways on the screen, for sure.... Objectives allways on screen because gamer are totaly retarded, its know... BUT WHY KEEP ON SCREEN BUTTON CONTROLLER ALL THE TIME of THIS chupacabra GAME ?????????????????? We have 8 button on our contoller ! 8 chupacabra button !!!!! You think i don't know my controller ??? You think i'm so stupid ??? And yess i'm very angry because its a good game, a very good game... But a good game make by devs who thinks gamers are totaly stupid. Its trhu.
  8. Today i start Dying Light (on Xbox ONE) and ho ! A new pacth ! Yessss, Techland give to me a little and simple option for disabled HUD, for sure ! After 400.000 post in their forum, they have think its time for player to play like they want ! Sure ! And NO !!! No HUD option..... Its just for PC player, you the console player are dumb.....
  9. tryclo999

    You Want Challenge ? Don't Use Medipack !

    Championpuffa: Im on new game +, i have all upgrade, but the game isn't more difficult... SynisterSyn: the problem is when you don't use all your skill point, a message appear infinite time: Use your skill point !!! Boring... Impossible to skip this for the moment. So i take the decision to play without medipack and without stronger weapon (max 100/150 damage) but with all the upgrade and the game back to a normal and challenging situation. To be a Terminator Batman Zombie Slasher its not very fun for me. I prefered when the game choose the rules for me but in the wait of a real hardcore mode, i play with my setting. Its just an idea... Have fun !
  10. tryclo999

    You Want Challenge ? Don't Use Medipack !

    You want play hardly ? Try this ! Its not complicate, no update, no waiting time, just you, your brain and your contoller. Try to play with my setting 1 or 2 hours, try. Its not very hard.... Megaman 1 on NES is hard, Dying Light without medipack its just fun dude ! After level 25, player like me have no fun, zombie kill in one punch, 99 medipack in the inventory = Zero fun. With this 2 rules i have replay the game with fun, its not complicate. Have fun And try before sarcasm... Too easy dude !
  11. tryclo999

    You Want Challenge ? Don't Use Medipack !

    Its for Hardcore players man ! Not for little player, come on ! I have beat more than 60% of the game with this setting, its not impossible to play like this. Its more fun, more hard too... With this setting you must be more carrefull, but its possible to play whitout medipack, try before...
  12. After the upgrade with unlimited stamina the game becomme too easy... Use this 2 simple rules and the challenge is come back: Don't use medipack (Zero medipack in your inventory) Use only green weapon without mods (no fire mods, no electric mods, etc...) After make this two little choice, the game is come back to a good challenge situation. I use only good weapon the night with the stronger enemy. I think the best idea for a Dying light Hardcore mode its to have the possibilty to choose simples rules who change drasticly the gameplay difficulties, for example: - No sleeping possibilty - No medipack, or choose the max number of medipack for each player - No weapon over 100 max damage - Disabled unlimited Stamina upgrade (or not !) - No HUD option If each player can choose this simple rules like in a server selection, i think its the best way for Dying Light. Sorry for my poor english
  13. tryclo999

    Game Gets Too Easy

    Use this 2 rules: Don't use medipack (ZERO medipack in your inventory) Use only GREEN weapons without modification (no fire mods, no electric mods, etc...) With only this 2 simples rules the game back to a normal/hard challenge situation.