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  1. shadow_walkerOZ


    You could buy the season pass before the release date. I paid $129.45 for a digital copy of the ultimate edition, which includes the season pass, weeks before the game came out. Then they go and give away 2 of the 3 included DLC packs for free to everybody who bought a physical copy outside of the US. On top of this, here in Australia EB Games was giving a full season pass for free with all preorders, including ones made after the delays. Nowhere in the descriptions for the DLC did it say that they Cargo & Cuisine pack was just going to consist of two short quarantine zones. The description was changed to say that they were two "Hardcore" quarantines zones sometime after the game launched and by the time they did come out, my character was so powerful that I just walked through them in minutes without even realizing that I was playing the DLC zones. I just thought that I was in the regular easy zones that shipped with the game. Then there's the weapon DLC. It would have been useful to have on day one, but by the time it actually came out, I could find a hammer in a dumpster that does ten times the damage of any of the DLC weapons. Plus, the devs said months ago that they were going to do something extra to make it up to people that got screwed by paying for the season pass or the ultimate edition, but there's been no mention of it since.
  2. shadow_walkerOZ

    Xbox One Season Pass

    Those individual outfits and weapons were released as preorder exclusives and a code was needed to download them. That's why they are listed as "Bundle Only. You need to install something called "Ultimate Survivor Bundle" to get the outfits and weapons from the season pass, which does actually include the same ones that say bundle only. If you highlight the game press the start button and select "Manage Game" you should be able to see any DLC that you can currently install over to the right. If not, select the season pass and manage that instead and they should show up.
  3. shadow_walkerOZ

    Dead Chick In The Water

    That's the Destiny loot cave easter egg. It says "Your destiny is to build your legend (and get loot.)" when you first enter and the zombies just keep on spawning. Then, if you stay there long enough it says "Enough! Patch 1.0.2 has been released! Do more quests!" and they just stop spawning. It's a dig at Destiny's loot cave and how they patched it to remove something that they put into the game that people took advantage of.
  4. Yeah I've done this heaps of times while camouflaged. I haven't done it for a while though, so I can't say whether it still works or if it's been patched out or anything.
  5. shadow_walkerOZ

    Is The Game Cross-Platform

    Yeah, Lost Planet did, and Shadowrun was essentially online multiplayer only.
  6. shadow_walkerOZ

    Inquiry About Base Game & Its Addons

    Yep, that's pretty much it.
  7. shadow_walkerOZ

    No Patch Or Ultimate Survival Bundle

    They should definitely put pressure on Sony (and who's to say that they're not already doing exactly that), but at the end of the day if Sony drops the ball, it's up to Sony to pick it up again.
  8. shadow_walkerOZ

    Is The Game Cross-Platform

    There's been a few other games that tried it as well. There was Shadowrun and Lost Planet, plus probably some others that I just can't think of right now. Unfortunately, nobody really cares about cross platform play. Why waste time, resources and money on something that less than 5% of the people that play the game will ever bother to check out?
  9. shadow_walkerOZ


    Once you get to Old Town (assuming that you're not there yet) there will be new airdrops to grab. You won't notice them drop like in the slums and they will not show up on your map as a blue objective, but they are on the map still. One tip though, start hoarding them in your stash next to your bed (40 or so should be enough). That way, when you are at survivor level 24, you can wait until you have about half of the XP necessary to level up to 25 and hand them all in at once. That should ensure that you definitely avoid whatever causes people to get stuck at level 24 and never make it to 25.
  10. But he (or she) doesn't have the season pass. Disc copies of the game for everywhere that's not 'Murica were delayed more than a month, so every preorder of a physical copy of the game got codes to download the "Cuisine & Cargo" and the "Ultimate Survivor" DLC packs, but not the Bozak Horde. I'm not 100% sure about Steam, but on Xbox One and PS4, both of those pieces of DLC can be purchased separately, so the horde mode should also be available on its own.
  11. shadow_walkerOZ

    Gold/yellow Tier Weapons

    I'm at survivor level 25 and I haven't found any gold weapons yet (that I know of at least), but I have definitely found some "unique" weapons that weren't in the game before.
  12. shadow_walkerOZ

    Inquiry About Base Game & Its Addons

    Be the zombie and the hard mode are definitely free for everybody. As for the season pass, you might be better off waiting to see how people react to the third part in a month or so. The first DLC pack from the season pass contain 2 extra quarantine zones which aren't all that hard, take maybe 10 - 15 minutes and cannot be played through again. The second DLC pack contain 4 weapon blueprints, that will be useful at the start of the game but were completely useless to those of us who bought it on day one. I can find a wooden plank lying in a dumpster that does 10 times the damage of any of the DC weapons. It also contains 2 or 3 outfits for your character, which you will never see because it's a first person game and there's no cut-scenes where you can see yourself. So, if I hadn't bought into all the hype and paid extra for the Ultimate Edition with the season pass, I would be waiting to see what the third DLC content is like before paying any extra over the base game. Having said all that, I love the game. So far it's hands down the best game to come out of 2015.
  13. shadow_walkerOZ

    No Patch For Australia

    Are you on PS4 by any chance? From all accounts, the PS4 has not gotten the patch yet. Your best bet would be to start harassing PlayStation support as well, since it's their network/store, and they're the only ones that can do anything about it. I'm in Australia and I got the patch and the DLC like 5 days ago on Xbox One.
  14. shadow_walkerOZ

    No Patch Or Ultimate Survival Bundle

    Well it's Sony's platform and Sony's store, so if stuff doesn't get released on time, it's most likely their fault. It's not like Techland or Warner Brothers have access to go into the PlayStation Store and change things. They give them the content, and from there it's up to Sony to actually put it out at the correct time.