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  1. Suggestions for improvements: OPTION TO EDIT HUD ( the gun and hook reticle is really annoying, stamina bar and action indicators that show up in the middle of the screen annoying too, let us remove all, remove partially etc.) IMPROVE STORE SYSTEM (eg. Let us actually see items/weapons we are buying like in GTA, good addition for a sequel) MORE VARIETY TO MELEE COMBAT (block with weapons, analog controls?) MORE TAKEDOWN ANIMATIONS (especially aerial and stealth) REVOLVER and LIGHT MACHINE GUN + BETTER GUNPLAY (controls should be like standard fps shooters + MORE GUNS) SOME SILENCED WEAPONS TOO (so glad there will be bow and arrow, now put a silenced shotgun whoooo) EXPLOSIONS SHOULD BE MORE EXPLOSIVE SURVIVAL MODE (defending your building/area against increasing waves of zombies, you can hide and use silent methods not draw in all zombies but you could also go guns blazing if you wanted as well. ) I'd be psycheddddddd Have a great Day whoever is reading this ! and offer your suggestions too about the guns and melee combat etc.