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  1. DanteYoda

    Co-Op Issue/connection Problems

    Does this fix the completely empty server list?
  2. Hello i saw this little gem in the new Bozak DLC coming "ultimate Coop experience" "hard as coop content for Dyling light" which would be awesome if i could coop.... But my server list is always empty, the searching for others always comes up with no one...I'm connected too the Dying light servers because i see the popups and details every time i login, yet no coop... I have no mods added, and in techlands infinite wisdom the made coop region locked so as an Australian i cannot see any games out side of Australia... no American server, no servers at all...I have coop on 24/7 and only ever had one player join my game in 58 hours played.. and after he left my server list was still empty.. So i ask how am i suppose to enjoy this new content if i cannot coop, how will i get the bow solo?
  3. DanteYoda

    Buff Guns. This Is Getting Ridiculous.

    Agreed completely i'm tired of chupacabra weapons..
  4. DanteYoda

    It's Bozak Horde......

    Look terrible to me... Coop forced on us to get the Bow yet i cannot Coop at all every time i try to coop this damn game i get empty server lists and it cannot find anyone on the other one...in their infinite wisdom they region locked the coop, so as an Australian i cannot join any American games... So it looks like i'll never get the bow, i may as well uninstall huh... I have no mods installed just a heads up...
  5. DanteYoda

    Need To Know Something About Ng+

    Sad i started NG+ then did a mission switched too Hard mine doesn't say Hard (Reward) but its deleted my old saves so i cannot start NG+ on first mission to get my reward... why can't we just have normal saves...
  6. DanteYoda

    Indestructible Weapons

    I'd say yes because consoles cannot be modded.
  7. DanteYoda

    Female Protagonist Dlc Or Mod Possible ?

    I agree completely and i'm a guy.
  8. DanteYoda

    Grappling Hook Ruins The Game

    Disagree i find it a lot of fun. and very handy in certain situations.
  9. DanteYoda

    Coop Empty 24/7

    Hi all When i start my game i check coop and it finds zero games, i look in the list and its empty 24/7 is this normal to have no other game advertising coop? I'm in Australia will i even see American servers? I just wanted to try the game with another player but no one seems to be online or i'm not seeing any other games, i've allowed DL.exe in my firewall.. None of my friends play Dying Light.
  10. DanteYoda

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    I'm on PC never seen one, completed a run through.
  11. DanteYoda

    Dl Has Ruined Other Fps For Me.

    Agreed i came up with the idea as i was playing the Pit i though what a cool pre built gladiator arena
  12. DanteYoda

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Are they on all difficulty levels Normal, Normal + and Hard? because on completing normal i've not even seen a new one of the 50 weapons let a lone the gold tier..
  13. DanteYoda

    Dl Has Ruined Other Fps For Me.

    Do you think a Mode where people could PvP with weapons they find in Rais pit would be fun? Or PvP through the city of Harran with a rifle and pistol (limited ammo) would be cool? I think both would be good additions.
  14. DanteYoda

    Dead Chick In The Water

    I've never played Destiny so i had no clue haha I've seen players say her sister is in the tower, and others say her story is in her diary near her clothes, i'm not sure i could access it though.