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  1. direct link to steam. Dont feel like keeping both updated at times but if you post something here ill update on steam.
  2. Got invaded once when I slept to skip to the next morning (1 hour skip to night) and kaboom before I could sleep again lol.
  3. Jmthebigman

    Zombie Quick Join Problems

    your not the only one, also what about this bug lol;
  4. Jmthebigman

    Gre Website?

    Nice find, now whoever finds login info gonna be the hero
  5. Jmthebigman

    Pc Save Game Location (Back Ups Required)

    searched steam and found this helpful: (thanks to deezus; profile= the * is a folder youll have to find. \Steam\userdata\*\239140\remote\out\save
  6. Jmthebigman

    Complete The Game Without Upgrade Skill

    you wont have to upgrade, just the msg will keep popping up, just ignore it
  7. Jmthebigman

    Tower Chemical Formula?!

    Ill have a look tomorrow morning. edit: just checked, got curious XD nothing special, no mechanism or reaction formula. just 2 structures and 1 partially wiped out (3 total) seems like they just threw them in for decoration, one of the drawings is even spelled out on the board, benzene.
  8. Jmthebigman

    Punk Queen Downgrades Crowbars, Needs A Fix

    yeah but when you finally find crowbars they are already deal more dmg than punk queen... so that needs a fix.
  9. allot of crowbars youll find will have higher dmg etc than the punk queen. recently ive found a crowbar with 94 dmg, to be reduced to 85... While it should be an upgrade...
  10. Try unlinking and linking again, worked for my pc game with steam.
  11. Still didnt receive master scavenger skin...
  12. last second UV light boom your done. UV from a far, human sprints at you, 1 hits with any weapon. also allot of times you cant connect or wont find a room... edit: ow and a npc zombie just walked towards me at started attacking me while I was a zombie in be the zombie mode... those thigns surely dont got brains
  13. Jmthebigman

    Companion App, User Name Change

    No option to change name..
  14. googled and on reddit someone mentioned unlinking steam account and relinking, did that and it worked... now only where is the master scavenger skin....
  15. Jmthebigman

    Companion App, User Name Change

    i did register @ dockets and it uses my email in the companion app even though ive set a username...