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  1. i think if they spam it on and off it should deplete faster (wearing out a light bulb is faster by flicking it then leaving it on also uses more energy ) and i had two groundpouds that hit the ground before the human could drop kick but i got dropkicked anyway everything a hunter can do has a cd and easy to counter method very few things a human can do that have a cd nd hell the zombies around the map can survive a human better then the hunter cn
  2. darkwolfcub

    Slenderman Skin For Bethezombie?

    SOD is the better single player game yes but DL has mp and when thats taken into account overall DL wins and TBH IMO niether does story well (to open world for a story to really work) but TBH you cant really compare a first person parkour zombie game to a third person non parkour zombie game seeing as the gameplay is vastly different
  3. darkwolfcub

    Revives In Pvp; Yay Or Nay?

    i agree with half a kill and longer revive but not lower countdown i love using players as bait to chain kill guys (got 2 guys down to 3 lives chaining it off a leapfrog they didnt realise) as long as it slowly drains there lives with revives it would be fairer
  4. one i have insulted you once you have continently tried insulting us and two if you keep losing it proves your an idiot its not impossible to win you just gotta use your brain but of course if your brain power is rather limited it would be hard to win
  5. darkwolfcub

    You Really Ruined The Be The Zombie Mode Devs. Gj :)

    what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. ​now on topic 1 if you attack the nests the zombies get aggressive you are still able to 1hk nests and the zombies and if you allow the zombie to hit you with ground pound then its your own fault and i call bs that his attacks are faster then yours
  6. hey dip chupacabra most of us agreed that the survivors are op but your insulting the devs just cause you suck at the game and cant even win i was winning most of my matches as the hunter before and after patch and to say this is worst mp in any game is just plain stupid cod a 4 yr old can win , or how about mp on 75% of computer games where hackers will always win?? the mp in this game is almost balanced theres only 2 things stopping it from being balanced uv light RANGE and survivor sense spam does that stop some of us from winning no it doesnt and in you op you say you had 2 people chase and keep you without stamina for a full match that just shows how bad you are as you can move much faster then the humans you lead them across the map then come back kill the guy attacking nests (or you horde spit them and go after the nest guy) its easier to kill 2 guys focusing on ou then it is to kill 1 guy that focuses on nests and you
  7. atleast unlike cod this game mode cant be won by a 4 yr old
  8. when vs people camping the locations they camp in are so far away from nests that if you kill one (even with your own death) they still wont be able to get to the nests before you respawn unless you dont spawn back in with a press of a button was that dumbed down enough for you?
  9. most locations used for camping are nowhere near the nests so if you dont revive before they get near the nests then you sir didnt hit a in any time frame ever
  10. at which point you kill the safe house camper if the guy in water isnt at the bottom then kill him as well
  11. heres the thing a skilled hunter can still win at level 1 i beat 3 humans (yes got 2 cheap kills in there) unlocked spit in that match after leveling up hell before the patch i beat flare spammers at level 3 and almost beat a legit player at level 2 its all about how you play i do agree that the humans are op but that doesnt stop me from winning and if you think this mp is trash you clearly love cod (which a 4 yr old can win)
  12. i down voted you and i love playing as the hunter i am currently ranked 10/12 as the hunter and very rarely lose a match tbh i dont enjoy being the survivor its to easy
  13. darkwolfcub

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    generally its they have turn sensitivity turned up alot and they just turn really fast i have killed a good 10 different people from behind 3 of which had lights on before i hit pounce and they didnt turn fast enough(those three would of been about 8 times total) or it can be latency (they turned before you pounce)
  14. not even close theres games out there that play themselves and cod is much easier game
  15. darkwolfcub

    This Is My Last Purchase From Techland

    most realistic zombie game is real life beiber fans