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  1. Rekalty

    Companion App Information Please

    The App doesn't seem to be properly balanced at all, several missions will end up costing you a lot more after healing the damage taken, than whatever cash reward the mission rewards. Pretty much, unless you're doing certain missions and planning ahead to level up runners before they die, so you don't have to spend money healing them, you're screwed. I stopped playing once my runners were around level 11-12, simply because... well, the game came out, and I could get materials a heck of a lot faster than from the game than the app. TL;DR: The app is unbalanced and pointless.
  2. Rekalty

    What Is Your Nemesis?

    The gamebreaking bugs.
  3. Rekalty

    Please Turn Off Melee Auto Aim...

    Oh yeah, that challenge was a pain. If you attack at the same time as the zombies do, the game will move your aim to their heads automatically. It's great when you're in real danger, but when you're doing a challenge like that, it's a freaking pain.
  4. Rekalty

    Season Pass Outfits?

    By understanding how a Season Pass works.
  5. Rekalty

    All Weapon Variety Lost At 25?

    While the Katana looks sweet (but looks like total rubbish when modified) I very much miss a proper variety at 25, there's only like 2-3 different weapons. I want me some good blunt weapons too, baseball bats, etc...
  6. Rekalty

    Where Are The Outfits?

    You do know how Season Passes work, right? you get the content when it's released.
  7. Rekalty

    Admin Question.

    Has nothing to do with "Admins" - you'll want to ask the Devs about it.
  8. Rekalty

    Gun Stats

    Don't bet on it.
  9. Rekalty

    How Far Into The Story To Unlock Old Town?

    You've still got a bit of way to go, I think it was at around 50ish percent, when you started making your way there.
  10. Rekalty


    Do you mean the top of tiers or the bottom ones? Also, I still have no clue what you're actually asking. I keep reading your first post, and I get more and more confused every time.
  11. Rekalty


    Tires? what the heck are you talking about?
  12. Rekalty

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    I would love to agree to this, or even comment on it, but I have yet to be able to start a single match, due to broken matchmaking. OP does seem to know what he's talking about though.
  13. Rekalty

    Be A Zombie Broken!

    Wrong subforum. And it's broken at the moment, matchmaking isnt working properly.
  14. You are indeed wrong, that's not how it works...
  15. Rekalty

    No Matches Found When I Go To Matchmaking

    It's broken on PS4 at the moment. . .