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  1. Airsickhydra

    To Any Zombie Fans In/visiting The Uk

    Got my tickets booked
  2. It is true that said ammunition exists... The game isn't set in Murica however. It's set in Harran / Turkey and if you hadn't noticed, they are quite poor. Millitary / police who own the guns that you use aren't really going to be using various ammo types. Can you imagine NATO with insiniary rounds? Accept that guns is guns, bullets is bullets. It isn't America and there isn't a reason for these ammo types to be there, unless you manage to meet someone who can perhaps make them? Or teach you how to make them. Re Gun damage, i've got 3x different Police rifles with 3x different damage levels.
  3. Airsickhydra

    Loving New Hard Mode........but.

    Seeing a handful of people asking for what seems "Extreme mode" #Yousawthenameherefirst . I have to agree with Lycos though that hard mode is pretty tough, especially when starting a fresh save. It's perfectly possible to complete it however and I also understand that more of a challenge would/could be fun. What i'd like to see are some "whole story challenges" for extra rewards. With the option to toggle them on/off when starting a new save. They would apply only to your character and therefore not mess with other players who might join you. Egs - Weapon capacity = 2 Item limit / no backpack Double cost in stores Increased fall damage taken This might keep everyone happy.
  4. In their defence they just added 50 new weapons. Give it time, it's not like they won't release more! - Keep asking and i'll bet each month another handful of weapons get released into the end game content. I'd love some more end game weapon blueprints.
  5. Airsickhydra

    Guns Attachments

    There has been lots of posts on this previously. The reason there isn't gun cammo, mods and unlocks is because it isn't COD. The game isn't a FPS and guns aren't supposed to be the primary weapons. They are a secondary item like a grenade where you can use them for a few key situations if needed. The game as a free running mellee game requires players have to get close to enemies and run from them in situations where it becomes too dangerous. Gunplay would just ruin the vibe they have set out to make. I'm also against the use of silencers because guns should come at a cost. You are killing something from a distance and therefore it is low risk. The blowback is that is makes noise, this counters the low risk from range and should make you question why you are using the gun. Silencers would just ruin this balancing system. There would no longer be any need to use hand to hand combat. They also need to keep ammo to a small limit. It's a survival game.... survival.... SURVIVAL.... Not COD and Not L4D. Carrying 4x mags is reasonable. The game is based on h2h combat, please just accept this.
  6. Airsickhydra

    Buggies And Bows

    You were lucky then mate - Loved the battlefield series, especially good for DLC. BUT - They charged the price of the game for their DLC pass normally not $20. The one thing that I feel is quite promising is that Techland aren't charging much for the DLC. Some people are claiming it's a ripoff etc etc. But destiny DLC was 50% more expensive and in all honesty even smaller (tbc - no idea how big arena mode is so guessing)
  7. Airsickhydra

    Buggies And Bows

    I'm sorry but the very definition of a season pass is either access to all (or a specific set) of the game's downloadable content, usually sold for a discount. Just to name a few games which have given specific sets of DLC. Destiny - 2x DLC packs Evolve - 4 hunters and 3 monster skins CoD - first 4 map packs / releases only. ​Drive Club - 6x vehicles and 6 tour events DBZ - First 3x packs released. I think the experiences you must have had where a season pass gave you "all the content" must be in cases where the developers already know what they are only going to release so they can jump ship after and start on another project. Wouldn't expect any mainstream and popular game with a strong flow of DLC to include everything for a one off price of $20? What would be their incentive to keep making content otherwise. Of the few games which advertised their DLC packs as all inclusive, they nearly all cost $45 and will span over a 2 year period. Not trying to pick a fight here but I don't see how you expect DL content to all be free when the season pass already advertised as being three DLC pieces. To answer your question, no they won't be releasing everything for free in future. Pretty damn certain of that.
  8. Airsickhydra

    Buggies And Bows

    It's called a season pass though, not an all time pass. The implication of season is that you get one "batch" Currently the quarantine missions were a little shorter to complete (although good value if you play them on hard imho) - The DLC - Might turn out to be amazing with the new Bozak horde.
  9. Airsickhydra

    Dying Light Hard Mode Opinions

    There is no reason that we could have a lobby system and perhaps have 3x customization options such as "hud on/off" "enemies "fast/normal" and Weapons "fragile/normal" Might be the only way of implementing it? But you would need a lobby system which would detract from the whole fluid experience of joining other games. tough situation.. Would love the customization
  10. Airsickhydra

    Over 120 Hours And Still No Gold Tear Weapons

    Bet these people didn't play a Korean MMO. They would have just packed up and quit.
  11. Airsickhydra

    Buggies And Bows

    I can't confirm anything as we haven't been told. But i'd expect the Buggies to be paid content, as they will include a map to drive on. Techland please feel free to prove me wrong!
  12. Airsickhydra

    Dying Light Hard Mode Opinions

    Sorry to say but you are going to be in the minority there. Wanting the devs to change hard mode so you can do it with 0 deaths is wishing for a bit much. For the rest of us the extra damage makes is be careful when and where we fight, the medkits mean we have to run more often and yeah, occasionally we die if we pushed our luck. That is how games are intended to play. A while back I suggested something similar as a "skull system" like in the Halo series. Players could then choose to disable certain weapon types, certain blueprints or tweak settings.... The problem then is going from game to game in co-op. Given the Co-Op vibe I think it more likely we will just need a tier approach towards difficulty, so we are all on the same page when playing together.
  13. Airsickhydra

    Dying Light Hard Mode Opinions

    What you have mentioned in the "bad stuff" part of hard mode... are the things that make it hard. The medkits and enemy damage are just about spot on now. Also your comment on not being able to complete the game on hard mode without dieing... I think that's the point?
  14. Imho no. It would detract too much from the current story driven play. Perhaps once the game is completed if you want something to make free roaming more interesting, otherwise all the antizen you need is woven into the plot.