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  1. Konackht

    Funny Stuff You Have Seen In Dying Light

    Actually happened to me too. I missed one lone zombie in the safe house, turned on power, lights went up, got my exp, and then realized on the radar the red arrow (zombie). He just cowered under the bright light, unable to do anything. I couldn't kill him either because I was then in the safe house, so no weapons and all.
  2. Hi guys, just wanna say love this game but it's just a little difficult and SUPER SCARY when I play at night, when I'm usually on. So hoping to play with others in a coop game. None of my real life friends are big zombie fans so none of em' bought this game (yet). So can you guys please add me so we can play together? I will look out for you in Harran, watch your back at night and let you when one or two competitions ingame if you like. I'm all for the storyline and quests so you guys can keep the loot and score and all I just want to survive to see the ending cuz I can't do it myself. My Steam name is Konackht, please add me if you will accompany me in this game, thank you!
  3. Konackht

    Gonna Let Me Play Or What?

    I'm from Canada, Steam player. Can play now, GREAT GAME!! Thanks techland, now I'm gonna go arm more light traps now before it gets dark!
  4. Had the game pre-downloaded on Steam two days ago. Avoided the 12:00 AM rush and decided to play right now in the morning 7:00 AM. Steam says the game needs YET ANOTHER download, queued for a long time, when it's finally downloading it's stuck at 99%. What's wrong with you people Techland? Can't you just let me play?
  5. Konackht

    I Bought Season Pass Now Part Of Its Free?

    Fair my behind. Physical copy people get to have something others had to pay for? What gives? They should offer other kinds of compensation, or give us digital copy people something else.
  6. Konackht

    4Hours To Go...

    No idea what you're talking about, get off the meds man.
  7. Konackht

    Kinda Ticked Techland

    I'm also deeply frustrated for the PC Steam preorder bonuses. We only got two; zombie mode and Punk Queen and now everyone gets zombie mode. So why did I preorder then? I could've waited for it to release, watch all the reviews online then decide if it's worth getting, since there wasn't any discount for preordering in the first place. So now the only bonus we get is the Punk Queen. OK then this weapon better do some massive AOE damage and kill a dozen zombies in one swing otherwise I don't see it justifying me to preorder. Smarten up Techland nerds!
  8. Konackht

    Steam Gamers?

    PC Steam gamer here. Nice meeting you all!