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  1. WaitingRaid

    Hellraid's Combat Is Not Looking Good.

    I am also concerned about directional swing, and im hoping the combat will not just be a port of the dying light system. DL system is good because the running aspect adds a lot of dynamic, but in a game primarily melee combat focused the DL combat system would not be enough to keep the combat fresh. I like to see there are other people waiting for the next dark messiah experience.
  2. WaitingRaid

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Some stuff i'd like to add. I tried to cover over the suggestions made but i didn't see this exact point, and my search terms showed no results. I would like to expand on this point a bit. I had the same first thoughts about thrust attacks when i watched that footage. I figured by the time the game was ready for release or with skill progression there would be some thrust or lunge attack. What i'm interested in however is some kind reward system for precise or accurate striking. I think it is an incredibly fun and satisfying mechanic that adds realism and diversity to enemy encounters, and helps to realistically balance the damage output between a giant hammer and a sword. If armor is considered as a flat damage reduction then the giant hammer should be most effective, but if you factor in the lethality in precise placement of the sword you can balance the 2 weapons with more then just AttackSpeed x Damage and also reward skill/accuracy. Attack in armor/helmet gap An attack between armor plates should have a variable armor penetrating effect on the enemy. If there is a gap in the helmet (eye holes) then a precise thrust into the eye should deal lethal damage. You still need to get past the enemies guard or they will just block the attack. This mechanic would only apply to enemy's when it would make sense for the enemy to have a weak point. A skeleton doesn't care if you stab it carefully in the eye, its bone structure just needs to be crushed or smashed to pieces. The ideas here are inspired from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.