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  1. megamadmax

    1.6 Update Patch Notes [Ps4]

    Developers don't work for free, they already gave be the zombie for free to everyone, also the hard mode patch, the new weapons and gold weapons...Much much much more for free than you get in 90% games. IDK about your problems, but Bozak Horde DLC is 9.99, a fair price for new weapons, vehicles, zones, quests etc. As a season pass owner, im ok with that. The other DLC's included in the season pass were much worse, almost no content for their price. So of course after making all this content, and having a seasson pass without DLC, it makes sense they don't release it for free. There are other very very bad things about this game or developers, like the lack of communication on their side, without announcing the contens of the dlc's, no patchnotes and many other things. But wanting everything for free, in a game with paid dlc, is stupid & selfish.
  2. megamadmax

    Change Log For The Recent Update?

    A more detailed changelog than we can see from the ps4 screenshots would be better. Despite I love the game and think devs are good, they communication is really really really bad. Preordered game, can finaly say this at this point!
  3. megamadmax

    Holy chupacabra Holy Year Tunnel !

    Still found nobody to say he could open it and how. Last thread ended like this, without answers. Maybe a dev could show up (here I doubt it, they didnt even announce Bozak in this forum) because it looks like an overlooked bug.
  4. Agree, they should be useful for something once your max lvl... btw Which two spawn underwater? Found only one next to dark zone in south slums.
  5. Its the only thing I missed from this patch, an off setting for chromatic aberration. Messed with mods on previous versions and they don't totally remove it + chupacabra some game effects + you cant play online. Anyone managed to remove it with this 1.5 patch? If so, how? Tested both CA mods from nexus without great results... Gonna give a try to this one, again: You need to have motion blur enabled to make it work, and hating that feature, but I think it removed the CA effect better than this other one, which I also tried on previous game versions. Also the instalation method is not so much invasible than this one. Anyway I think none of them does totaly remove it without losing extra fx and requiring motion blur etc. Whats your experience with this mods?
  6. Amazing game, awesome free patches...but paid dlc is honestly one of the worst I bought. Hope the bozak horde is the one including the buggy/bow/new zone etc, otherwise this game will be seen for many players as one of best games ever with some of the worst dlc ever. Which would be kinda odd, hope you can fix the second part of this sentence. I have as active season passes farcry4 and borderlands pre sequel, which follow this scheme. Good games with lackluster dlcs, but in my opinion your dlc's are even worse, while I like more dying light. So you have a last chance to set apart from this mediocre season passes and deliver an awesome 3rd Dlc, helping us to revalue your season pass as worth its cost and be on par with the high quality of base game.
  7. megamadmax

    List Of Reasons Why I Love You Techland

    Yep this pà tch is amazing, im overwhelmed by the amount of changes xD. And the next features they are gonna release like the buggy and bow are...mindblowing! Just feel they should detail a little bit more the patch notes, with description about the changes in hard mode, and a more detailed description about the new content that its included. Cause there so much stuff its hard to sum up xD Anyway, good job, amazing patch!
  8. megamadmax

    1.5 Patch Note [Ps4]

    There's also this video they posted on Facebook to introduce hard mode. At min 1.40+- they also talk and show some of the new additions made to base game: So there is the video No_Other_xD posted, where they show you game improvements, which you can find ingame, plus the video I just posted, plus the mega short patch notes: Its gonna be hard to find out all changes made on 1.5 xD So many questions...mostly about the bow and buggy, hope they are already included in this patch...!
  9. megamadmax

    Patch Notes Please

    I think these are the patch notes. They aren't as detailed as I would like, but they seem to be the official notes so far. Its a sticky on steam forum:
  10. megamadmax

    Anyone Got The Patch Yet?

    Always liked patch notes before or at the time they release it. Otherwise its a chaos like now....some have it, some dont, unpfficial posts about the changes etc. A mess!
  11. megamadmax

    Devs, What's Next? - Suggestion.

    Great ideas! I also want to spend more time in this game, so more endgame oriented dlcs would be great, and bring this game to a next level, like in borderlands series where both the dlcs and endgame content made it a big success!
  12. megamadmax

    Ultimate Bundle Steam Extra's

    Yep, but I also got the Wrench Kiss and the Constable which I don't know where are they coming from xD. And if im not wrong, with the 2nd mini dlc from the season pass we can get all the remaining pre order weapons and outfits, which maybe isn't amazing (thanks to their fixed low damage and ability to ignore weapon rarity) but Steam preorder version + season pass will be the only with all pre order bonuses!
  13. Madraefon, ets un maleit fill de mala mare, que et donin pel putu sac desgraciat. Debil el teu pare per no ensenyarte respecte a base d'hosties com et mereixes, retrassat!
  14. Im no muppet or anythin like that, you are just butthurt cause my reply made your comment sound like the typical spoiled brat, complaining about the lack of features which are in fact in the game. Thats an epic fail even if u call me muppet puppet rocket or docket. Malparit!!!
  15. megamadmax

    Option To Disable Chromatic Aberration Please.

    Yesss please add the option to disable it like you did with film grain. Ive spent so much time trying to remove it....but neither the option in mod manager nor the two mods in nexus can totaly do it, some partialy removes it, others remove some lightning fx etc. I think theres more people disliking CA than film grain, just that this CA name isnt as known as grain movie effect, but I keep reading post from people not just disliking it but having serious headaches with that. So please, in addition to release your awesome game, keep releasing some amazing patches with much requested things like this, and you'll rock as devs!!!