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  1. Hi All, Hoping someone official from Techland can confirm this for me or someone else who is in the know but what is the actual digital release day for Dying light on ps4 digital in the UK? Originally it said the 30th January on their psn store, then after Techland's announcement of a "global release on the 27th January" the store date was updated correctly to show the 27th for release. Now today the date has changed again to the 28th January. After calling up Sony's not so helpful helpline in the UK they said "because the store says it's the 28th it must be correct".!/en-gb/games/addons/dying-light-preorder/cid=EP1018-CUSA02010_00-DYINGLIGHTPREOR2 To be honest I have little faith in the store or Sony so can anyone confirm officially what day this game is actually being digitally released in the UK? If the European digital release day has been delayed to the 28th just so that the Americans can have their usual "get everything earlier than everyone else" time this is completely unacceptable in my opinion and Techland should have ensured this did not happen. Especially considering we have already had to deal with physical copy delays in the UK.