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  1. Alright, thanks man! Saved me a lot of time
  2. So, just to clarify, if I do in fact get the physical copy, I will be able to play it through Steam, and have all the benefits of it, etc?
  3. Hey! I'm needing to know if the physical PC version of Dying Light will be using Steam accounts to connect to. The reason as to why I'm wondering is because my internet is not the best, and if I'm going to just get it from Steam, it's going to take up my entire internet bandwidth for at least 24+ hours to download the 40GB game, literally. Yeah, it's that bad. But I love Steam, and how it interacts with games, and the easy connectivity it grants, plus updates and the like. So I was hoping to be able to purchase the physical copy, install it, and be able to register it with Steam. I would love an answer ASAP. Thanks!