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  1. Hello Where are the PC gamer fans ?? It seems the latest news tells us, that this game doesn't come on PC ?? Why ??? Are you scared for PC-game hackers ? Sooner or later they will hack PS3 & Xbox & ... ,with the next strong evolution of PC's soon. Then, more emulators will come again .... Why not bring it out on PC ? If you make a good game, you don't have any reason to worry. PC gaming fans are with millions. Make a good game and also many will buy & sponsor, like me !! See like the history of: - Borderlands - The Elder Scrolls - FAR CRY - Dragon Age - ..... Do you really think, that people will buy a new XBOX, just alone for you're game ?? Good luck .... ------------------------------------------- Even the: intothelongdark dot com is receiving more and more payments lately from PC steam. The Long Dark (game) You sure find trailers or gameplay on youtube Announce you're game, and with even alone PC buyers, you still can make profit