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  1. thereaper

    I Can't Bring Myself To Play The Game

    I have it for xbox and i have found no problems with the save and so forth. What people might be talking about is that when they join there friends game and there friend is a bit ahead or has done some quests that you havent done yet. Then the game will not save on your end because they want you to experience the story and side quests for yourself.
  2. thereaper

    Bug Witch Machete

    I don't see a difference but however machetes in the game range from different looks. I have 7 machetes and all of them have different style of blade.
  3. To tell you the truth i love this game and as for graphics wise it completely out does DI i was playing DI two days ago and found some weird body movements on the zomies. For example when you get to the life guard station of the game and see the thug eating a human his fingers never move hes just shoveling meat in his mouth when on Dying Light they tear rip and grab the flesh. Sure there are some very stupid things in the game like searching in a bag the character just does a few hand movements and hes done searched the bag but besides from some minor issues i find this game fun and stunningly appealing compared to DI and ps i beat DI 8 times when it first came out and yes DI is more dark and gloomy and has more of a depressing feel to it however playing Dying light when its night time in the game and its raining really does have a great horror feel to it.i love DI and i love Dying Light i find them both gameplay wise amazing and visually wise amazing too
  4. thereaper

    Read [Spoilers]

    Can someone send me the link or title to the video
  5. The season pass for Xbox One should be available on release but of course i have bought the $80 digital version and have the game and all bonus DLC downloaded I just have to wait till the 27th to download the season pass and play the game.
  6. So just looked it up i dont see what your complaining about yes these people get the DLC without pre ordering but how ever they are paying £44.99 which is $66.00 in US so what i see is no matter if it's considered a pre order bonus or not they are still pre ordering the game just without actually pre ordering. They are paying the exact same price as me or anyone else who has pre ordered the game to get the Be The Zombie DLC. Either way i am 95% positive that the Be The Zombie DLC will prob be released later on as a Xbox One,Ps4, and Pc add on.
  7. To clear up this confusion both pre orders will have the {Be The Zombie} DLC the only reason the other one is $20 more is because it comes with the Season pass. So that way all future DLC for Dying Light will be free to download.