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  1. MithBesler

    To The People Who Have The Gamestop Weapons
  2. MithBesler

    You Don't Have To Wait Till Night Time

    I avoided spoilers and most videos so I was totally caught off guard by this. I actually did a double take when the damn thing came running at me. I thought it was a viral then I was like OH GOD it's a Volatile panic, swing, run, jump, curse loudly. Heck was so messed up I didn't even think to use my UV light.
  3. Yup you to can poo your pants in the middle of the day. Introducing Dark Areas.
  4. MithBesler

    To The People Who Have The Gamestop Weapons

    Not sure what platform you are using but on the PS4 after confirming the code I had to click on each weapon to get them to download and install. Check your downloads.
  5. As for the blood and gore not a big deal for me. As for attacking turn off auto melee and what you look at is what you hit. Aim for the arm you hit the arm. Also if you check a lot of the threads there are official responses all the time. However jumping into the forums and basicly saying the Devs are incompetent doo doo heads may not get you a response.
  6. MithBesler

    Destiny Loot Cave Easter Egg

    I found it last night. Me and most of my friends play Destiny, so when I told them about it they were rolling with laughter and looking for it as well.
  7. MithBesler

    To The People Who Have The Gamestop Weapons

    They are blueprints and you have to craft them. I was able to make the Night Club and the Lacerator but the Buzz Kill is still out of my reach. Also noticed they wear out a lot quicker then normal weapons, makes sense they have a lot of parts. Plus the Lacerator is really weak and wears out after a fight or two. Night Club is nasty but also wears out fast so I keep that in reserve for when I am running away screaming NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE
  8. MithBesler

    Motion Sickness

    I have had a few games do this to me but none as bad as Dying Light. I tried moving away from the screen turning down the brightness and turning on lights. Still after a half hour I was ready to hurl. I ended up putting the PS4 into my bedroom and using my 32 inch TV in there. That worked but not as cool as a 50 inch TV. Anyone else come across this and if so what helped. Also Techland has been working on this problem and I applaud them for it. Sadly nothing in the article helped me.
  9. MithBesler

    So Will Be There Midnight Release?

    I confirmed with the Gamestop i pre ordered from that I can pick it up at 9pm PST. But they will only be open till 9:30pm also I am making sure I am there around 8 in case they didn't get the full shipment of pre orders.
  10. MithBesler

    Where Are The Reviews?

    I decided after my last game not to pre order anything till a few of my friends and a handful of people whose opinion I trust reviewed the game. I have been taken in by the hype too many times and the last one was such a slap in the face and a obvious grab for my wallet i was sickened by it. I had kinda been following Dying Light but was going to stick to my oath and wait. Then one night while killing Septic Prime only to receive a version 1.0 shotgun as a reward I almost raged quit. The friends I was playing with also got junk rewards and none of us could find anything to joke about to raise our spirits. Thats when the subject of Dying Light came up again. I decided to pre order, not the digital, wanted to be able to trade it or give it away if it was a stinker. But the main reason was I couldn't do Destiny anymore but wanted to run around with my friends again being stupid and making fun of they way they died. I even pre ordered a copy for my brother who while sick of Destiny has nothing else to play, also is a one game kinda guy. So Techland can thank Bungie for creating the most shallow monotonous game I have ever played for me pre ordering Dying Light. As for reviews I did see a few from people I do trust, Angry Joe while his ranting and raving can go from amusing to annoying seemed to enjoy the demo he played. Also the Dev videos of them not only talking about the game but playing it as well. The passion they have while doing this is evident and contagious. I decided to take a leap and also join the forums. Yea there is the typical gaming community BS here. But something else I had not seen in awhile, actual involvement of the Staff and Developers. I have a feeling that after launch they will be more active since this is crunch time for them. Plus I am sure WB is hovering over them like a Man In Black. It also seems WB while is not doing a embargo they did not send out press copies for sites to review. This seems a little odd if true, but for me is no longer a concern.
  12. MithBesler


    I was havering a little fun. On the app there are items which I think are blueprints. Not sure for skins or weapons. King, crusader, berserker. None of them however have a name that suggests ranged weapon.
  13. MithBesler


    What there are blueprints to mod weapons. Your a dirty rotten spoiley spoiler. Burn him he is a witch...
  14. MithBesler

    Pre-Load Ps4

    Nope. One of the reasons why forums get bogged down with threads is because people do not search before they post. It can become hard for others to find the answers they want. I am all for Mods merging threads of the same subject. He was straight forward and to the point and gave the OP the link they needed. Blunt maybe condescending far from it. Myself I would have gone off on a tangent maybe explaining the best way to avoid the police while stealing a mannequin on the streets of Paris.