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    Melee Weapons Help

    The little hammer icon tells how much u can repair an item. But somewhere in the skills tre is a skill that lets some of ur repairs not take up a repair... Hammer. I've had one weapon repaired over 5 times this way xD
  2. I also noticed they all seem to know one particular married couple. Or this couple got married in everyones houses? Go looking around, even in the tower, at the many pictures and you see this same married couple everywhere in the pictures. xD I notice that basketball is the main sport played there. Whole bunch of B-ball courts. And that there are ALOT of guys over 6'5ft tall who are strong enough to wield concrete friggen hammers!
  3. VerinInvictus

    Co-Op Partners!

    If anyone wants to add me.. PSN is VerinInvictus.
  4. VerinInvictus

    Top 5 Weapons In Your Favorite Zombie Games.

    Don't get mad! D: I dun want to like.. List each game. So Ima just list my fave weapons for zombie anything in general? :3 1) Baseball bat. Hard, sturdy, good swing and impact.. You can't go wrong. 2) Machete. A good strong blade and practical to carry if you need it. 3) A hand gun. Sure, the noise will alert others, but they can be fitted onto your person rather easily and are good for a jam. 4) A sword. (Katana?) It cuts... It's awesome. 5) Molotov. Pretty simple, but brutal. Burn baby burn.
  5. VerinInvictus

    Ps4 - Spike - Grab The Firecrackers

    I'm glad it let you through! ^^ Goodnight and Good Luck
  6. I'd suggest looking up the tax laws in Taiwan.
  7. VerinInvictus

    Be The Zombie?

    Well. I finally got a match, saw the cutscene. And everyone promptly left.So it seems the servers are fine? I dun know. The biggest issue I think may be a combination of 2 things. One, that alot of what we see is people in the "Single Player" setting still showing up in the match making. And two, that they just leave the session as soon as they're invaded.
  8. VerinInvictus

    Ps4 - Spike - Grab The Firecrackers

    I hope it works.
  9. VerinInvictus

    Game Sucks

    If one method doesn't work. Alter it. I know what part you're saying, and the trick isn't to go as high as you can on Pole A to jump to Pole B. Also, it depends how you turn and how you're angled. The game is tricky to get a grasp of but it's not impossible. This isn't a rinse and repeat game where the same thing done the same way 50 times does the trick. You have to make adjustments to fit the situation.
  10. VerinInvictus

    About The Pre-Orders

    Hey everyone. First off, HI! Now. Some stuff here n there. The pre-order bonus that was "Be the zombie'' is now free DLC for any/all players. This being Techlands answer to issues with the release. What with all the delays (I think) Though that doesn't mean you pre-ordered for nothing. Go to --> There you can get weapon dockets by showing the pre-order number and tying the dockets to your psn/ xboxlive/ or steam account. ^^ I think the normal number to get is 6. These give you chances at higher tier weapons that will sit comfortably with the Quarter Master until you're ready for them. I also think those that pre-ordered will get some other DLC for free, though I'm not completely sure. I hope this helps! ^^
  11. VerinInvictus

    Who Wants The Game For Ps3 Reply ;) !

    They more than likely won't. Techland said the old generation consoles can't handle Dying Light. It sucks that so many are being left out, but this will continue to happen as games migrate away from the comfy homes of ps3 and 360 into the new generation. Same with what happened to the ps2 and xbox.. One?
  12. Parkour is a really fun option to have. But I don't think "Every" game will do it. Simply because it is a lot of effort to pull off the moving and speed and still make it seem natural. Especially in first person like Dying Light and Mirrors Edge had done. But hopefully Techland does keep this formula and continue to improve on it.
  13. VerinInvictus

    Playable Gender(S)

    I think it gave that impression at first. For the longest time I also thought there would be optional genders and more character customization. I still think the game is great. No complaints here, I guess just expectations being expectations.
  14. VerinInvictus

    Any Thoughts On Game Related Books ?

    I think it would be interesting. Maybe the book could be about how the Tower first was made a safe shelter. Following Brekken as they went from on the streets to discovering the UV lights is what hurts the zombehs. And what caused the rivalry with Rais
  15. VerinInvictus

    The Most Scary Kind Of Zombie ?

    I gotta go with the infected. Theres something so... Disturbing about them... They were human just some time ago and now they're running after ya trying to eat your face.
  16. VerinInvictus

    Application For Andriod Or Apple

    The only thing that comes close to being an "App" would be the E-book of the guide made by PRIMA.
  17. VerinInvictus

    Be The Zombie Mode Not Appearing ?

    First you need to go through the prologue. If you have it, then it should show up then. But, the "Be the zombie mode" is no longer a pre-order exclusive. It has been given for free as a sort of apology (I think). Instead, if you pre-ordered. Go to There (Since the pre-order bonus was made free) It wont feel like you pre-ordered for nothing. These give you weapon dockets for in game pick up at the quarter masters.
  18. VerinInvictus

    Wtf With Coop?

    I'd suggest taking this to the Technical issues sub-forum. Maybe the developers can give you a better answer there.
  19. VerinInvictus

    Season Pass Dlc On Psn And Weapon Dockets Issue

    Idk about the Seasons Pass DLC. But the weapons Dockets arn't redeemed in PSN store or Xbox live store or even Steam. You go here. Put in your pre-order information and then link that to your steam. PSN. Or Xbox live account. And then when you enter the game again the Dockets should be sitting nice and pretty with the Quarter Master in the tower. I hope this helps you all!
  20. VerinInvictus

    Good Job Techland

    I'm also having fun. Games will always be a little rough on release, but I think they really nailed it here.
  21. All things considered, I don't think this can be undone. The Dockets are described as giving the player a chance to get weapons on the higher tiers. There's no garuntee the weapons will be good or not, I think. As far as I can see it's luck based. I'm sorry guys. Best thing to do is save w/e Dockets you have left until a later point of the game.
  22. VerinInvictus

    Game Of Catch Achievement

    A Game of Catch "Crafting low-grade Throwing Knives and Throwing Stars lets you get this achievement/trophy done relatively easily. Make sure to aim for heads whenever you can, and fight Biters to ensure that you get your kills without using as many items" That's what the PRIMA guide had to say about this particular achievement / trophy. I hope this helps!
  23. VerinInvictus

    Ps4 - Spike - Grab The Firecrackers

    I don't know if this will help. But I saw a video where this happened as well. The guy was able to advance by crouching and turning to a point where he was looking at the guy at the door while picking the fire crackers up and it let him proceed. Idk if this will work but it's worth a shot. Also making sure the updates are all in order.
  24. VerinInvictus

    Pre-Order Rewards

    Well. The "Be the zombie mode", cause of all the delays and issue this will be given as free DLC instead of a Pre-Order exclusive as intended. If not, then the Be the zombie code would have been good for 10 years. But, to compensate, I guess, those that pre-ordered. They're giving you something called "Weapons Docks" To get them is fairly simple. Just go here And do all the stuff. Linking it to your steam account (I assume you'll be using) It gives you a number of powerful weapons which can be collected by the Quarter-Master. I don't think theres a time lock here but I'd get the code giving and docket getting A.S.A.P As for the weapons themselves. They will sit comfortably with the Quarter Master (After doing the proper steps to put them in your game) until you're ready to redeem them. I suggest maybe taking 1 or 2 and leaving the rest for as the game gets more difficult. I hope this is an answer
  25. VerinInvictus

    Be The Zombie?

    I'd assume 1) The settings for the game are set to "Single Player" by default, so maybe they're showing people online even though their settings don't allow multi-player yet. (This possible for any except those with 2+ Players?) 2) Maybe the servers are just being swamped with new gamers all at once. And as time goes on it should smooth over? 3) That players are afraid. As many have stated, they invade a game only to be met with everyone leaving the session. The new zombie was portrayed as an unstoppable killing machine, and you don't realize how ''Squishy" he is at lower levels until you're being him. I'd give it some time I guess. Not much else you can do. Though if you're playing on PC it seems alot of people are running into Zombie invasions where the opposing players have infinite health and/or stamina. Maybe some hacked or modded games. But for consoles it seems the main issue is starting an invasion.