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  1. Kodiak412

    Dying Light: Foxnews Zombie Coverage

    That might be the very first time I heard something from Fox News that was any decent at all.
  2. Kodiak412

    Gold Weapons Dont Exist.

    @FireNative It is not just killing zombies you have to either pick very hard locks (Police vans) or kill Demolishers. Then you have to get real lucky that the small % chance ends up a winner for you. If you have a 0.1 chance for a gold every time you pick a van you have a 1 out of 1000 chance for a gold. Not good odds at all. Also although I cannot say for sure, but each chance is probably independent of any other change. Each van has that 1 out of 1000 chance. Just because you picked a different van a few minutes ago it will probably not have any barring on the next van. It would be a nice idea if Tech could write the code so that each time you try and fail your odds get a little better. For instance if you have a 1 out of a 1000 chance and then you open 100 vans, your next chance could be 1 out of 900 or something like that. But lets hope the odds improve with any update.
  3. Kodiak412


    He/She also helped No Bark in Novac when he needed him most.
  4. Kodiak412

    Artbook Giveaway - Forum Only

    I think some nice wallpapers would be a big hit. I hope you go for it Michal! Who doesn't love a nice zombie wallpaper. EDIT: I almost forgot. Nice work with the phone wallpapers Xombie!
  5. Kodiak412

    Artbook Giveaway - Forum Only

    SWEET! Just got my artbook and have been flipping through it. It looks like you cleaned up Troy a little for the final, I'm glad for that. Thanks Michal and thanks to Techland for this wonderful book.
  6. Kodiak412

    Artbook Giveaway - Forum Only

    Just an FYI. If you sent a PM to me it has not gone through as of the time of this post. I'll check again later. If however you did not like my Haiku then disregard this. No book for me. EDIT: Still nothing as of this edit. Also I think you should give karriihh a book just for the nice pictures that he/she posted.
  7. Kodiak412

    Artbook Giveaway - Forum Only

    I hope the zombies didn't get Michal. I'll have to go over and pay my respects to fafik and see if he is buried next to him.
  8. Good point wax. I believe you must advance the Ruppert missions further along. You will need to meet Ruppert back at his home/workshop to get the blueprint. If he is still in the kindergarden then the missions have not advanced far enough.
  9. Did you try to collect that blueprint from Ruppert? He is the one that will give it to you.
  10. Kodiak412

    Artbook Giveaway - Forum Only

    Radio tower Lovely view of land and sea Stadium awaits
  11. Kodiak412

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    @ MusicMan, that is a great idea about using the crate drops for dockets. Or have some kind of special drop once a toon reaches level 25. That could trigger these new special drops. Tech could make them so they have a very limited time and you must book it to the site or the crate will be stolen. Then if you are successful you can turn it in to the quartermaster for a docket. This will give the high level players something to keep their interest.
  12. Kodiak412

    Grappling Hook Ruins The Game

    A nice little game to play if you are feeling a bit bored involves using the grappling hook. Go somewhere high (light pole for example) and attract a group of zombies below you. Now use the hook to hit the zombies with. See how many you can kill. Be careful because if you miss you will be transported into the middle of the group of hungry zombies. And they are not interested in eating Polish Ham In A Can. I would like to see Tech issue weekend challenges like this for the community. If the community can get 10,000 (or whatever #) of grappling hook kills in a given weekend, then Tech will increase the odds of finding a Gold weapon to 5% for the rest of the week. Little challenges like this add a lot of community interest and help keep the community active and coming back for more.
  13. Kodiak412

    Grappling Hook Ruins The Game

    Yeah that's exactly the thing. Games that give a player lots of options are always far more fun to play with that choice. However each individual must be able to make judgments and have self control over the decisions. Just because it is an option does not mean you must take it. When you get something that may seem OP or fun killing in the game, just don't go there. I almost never use the grappling hook. The only time I do is possibly to avoid what might be considered tedium. That helps make the game fun as it will remove some tedious process but not remove the fun with OP abilities. It is up to me to decide where that fine line occurs. Game difficulty is the same thing. Don't use that orange level machete that one hits everything, only use green level weapons that you find. No upgrades and no crafting and that will add a lot of difficulty. No need to wait for Techland to do something. Just a little self control will make the game exactly what you want it to be. Good luck.
  14. Kodiak412

    Gold Weapons On Console, Broke?

    Getting a million dollars in the game legitimately is really not that hard. Once you get to the higher levels you are selling weapons at $2000 to $3000 a pop. Just go running around OT and open all the vans and chests you find. If you dedicate some time to just trying to collect weapons for sale, you will amass a small fortune in not time at all.
  15. Kodiak412

    Contaminated Antizin April 1St

    @ PlaywitJay, that is a great idea. Add another booster and then you can use it only when you want a good laugh. Please Tech consider adding an Unarmed Melee booster.