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  1. So I've done the Bozak mission by myself a few times, and the highest I've gonen to is level 14, and I really want the Bozak Bow ..So I'm wondering if I can do it on multiplayer, and still get it?
  2. I didn't know he was just going to take my gun, and he took my really good gun! Can I get it back?!
  3. Was Old Town based off a real place, if so where, because I totally want to live there!!! (minus the zombies of course) xP
  4. Mark

    So Will Be There Midnight Release?

    I won't, I'll be at the 9:00 release! (Pacific time)
  5. Mark

    Usa Countdown!

    My store is releasing it at 9 o'clock, Pacific time!
  6. So I'm wondering how the weapon damage and speed levels work. For instance when you're level 1 and pick up a pipe and the damage is 10 and the speed is 5, can you pick up the same pipe later when you level 30 and have the damage be 20 and the speed be 10, or do they stay the same no matter what level you are?
  7. From what I've heard in map is a bit bigger than doubled the size of the Dead Island, but I have not played Dead Island and I don't even know if that's factual. Also what kind of environments are there going to be in the world? Obviously buildings, rooftops, and streets, but what else?
  8. Mark

    Where Are You From?

    I'm from Washington, USA