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    AdvantagedNiqqa got a reaction from Rhys in Read For A Very Nice Idea   
    I think for winning on the be the zombie mode you should get like, a lot of exp and like maybe place wagers? I there should be a multiplayer option when before the zombie joins your game you should have an option on a wager like you could bet a weapon or maybe in game money? I like that idea, Grand theft auto 5 did it in games where you compete and it was amazing
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    AdvantagedNiqqa reacted to BeyondSpectrality in Read [Spoilers]   
    It is in the official game. Neat little Easter Egg.
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    AdvantagedNiqqa reacted to SlammedSloth in Read [Spoilers]   
    This is a true weapon and event in the game, I have been excited about this weapon ever since I first saw that video. Of course I'm going to have to upgrade my skill tree so it's worth actually having so I can swing my weapon through multiple enemies. Super hyped.