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    Zombies Are Not Zombies? Oo

    As in the gameplay the Doctor that gave you Antizin in the beggining said that its a type of Rabies, the people that newly turned doesnt have a conciense for their actions and are completely gone. They can not turn back and are made primal, there is no humanity left in the person but they still have not rotten away or such. This makes them faster than the others and more dangerous. I think thats how it is
  2. TechnoOwl

    Where Are All My Ps4 Gamers At?

    I Pre-ordered so thats that
  3. TechnoOwl

    Where Are All My Ps4 Gamers At?

    Another one here. Vicktory12 is mine, feel free to contact me on the 27th as its EU launch then.
  4. TechnoOwl

    What Type Of Survivor Are You?

    Its a good start, feel free to use the sheet i made when doing my Personality and fill your own in. Ofcourse this is based on how you in real life would be in Dying Light based on personality, if we move aside the fact we mostly would be terrified but i mean if we would have taken a grasp around the survivor thing and would be willing to fight without being scared of the Infected Ofcourse this is your own so feel free to make your ¨Dream Game Character¨ as well if you dont really want to write about yourself, this is Off Topic so there is not much of a limit here so type as you like!
  5. So What Survivor Are You? Gender: Male My Take at the Question: Type of Movement - Agile/Runner/Climber Melee Preferences - Long Swords/Blunt Light Weapons*hammers etc* Weaponry/Gun Choise - Sniper Rifles Max 3 Gadget Choise - Throwing Knifes/Fireworks/UV-Light Bulbs Prefered Stance/Job - Scout/Mailman/Scavenger Way At Night - Stealthy/Running *If you don't know if Hostile* Human Encounters - Non Lethal Weaponry/Recruitment *Try to bring them for the cause of good to help exterminate the Infected* *If Set up in a Team* Team Class - Ranged Support/Scout *Light footed fighter* Proffession - Fast Light Movement with Stealth Focus Length - 1.88 Meters *In real life* Prefered Clothes - Legs - Comfy Running Slackers + Belt Torso - Long armed Shirt/Light Balistic Vest Head - Cap or Bandana otherwise - None Feet - Steel toed Toe-Shoes Explorer: Alone/Team - Team Prefered Weapon Mod - High Voltage Enemy Focus - Heavy Slow Targets Fear - Indoor Areas Emotion - Sensitive/Forgiving/Stubborn So Who are you?
  6. TechnoOwl

    Where Are You From?

    Only Swede to post here for the moment I guess!
  7. Savant from Savant-Ascent!